Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ultimate Fitness #GIVEAWAY - Undiscovered Kitchen & ActiveWear USA

Let me start out by saying that I love this campaign.  Who doesn't love the idea of a New Year New You?  When Undiscovered Kitchen reached out to me to help her promote this GIVEAWAY, I jumped at the chance.  Of course, I want to #DiscoverYOU.  

What do I want to accomplish this year?  I don't think I need a new me, maybe just an improved version of me.  I already wrote out my goals for 2015.  You can read them here.  I was interviewed and profiled for this campaign and you can check out this awesome page all about me!  Crazy right?  You know I love GIVEAWAYS and I wanted to share this one with you along with some of my favorite bloggers across the Nation.  

See my giant head on the best West Coast?  This is an Ultimate Fitness Shopping Spree & Giveaway to help you get a jumpstart on 2015! Enter to win $500 worth of fresh fitness gear from ActivewearUSA and $150 worth of energy packed fitness foods made by artisans around the country! Meet all of the NEW YEAR NEW YOU! partners here.

  • Cognitea 3 Pack
  • Enerchi Bites (3) Apple Cinnamon, Coconut Oatmeal Raisin & Cocoa Date
  • Perfect Fuel Chocolate Bites Pouch
  • 13oz Bag of ProCakes Protein Pancake & Baking Mix
  • 12 Chili Pep & Chocolate-Coconut Simple Squares Bars
  • Sprout Nourishment Carob & Pomegranate Energy Squares & Plant Power Bars
  • 3 TastyMakes Snack Bags

A little bit more about ActiveWearUSAActivewearUSA offers the largest selection of women’s high performance, stylish activewear, footwear and accessories perfect for Yoga, Fitness, Workouts, Zumba, Nia, Pilates, Kick Boxing and for when you just need to look and feel great! Activewear is not only focused on providing high quality gear, they’re also committed to a social mission to increase community involvement by sponsoring women’s fitness-focused groups all over the country. ActivewearUSA was founded by Avi Woolman, a wife, mom, fitness enthusiast, and entrepreneur who’s goal it is to inspire women to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Avi personally selects and uses all of the brands sold on ActivewearUSA – She refuses to offer anything that she doesn’t use herself while practicing Yoga, running or working out. Follow Avi on Sweaty Nation and Follow ActivewearUSA on Twitter/Facebook.

You can learn about all the other products and the sponsors of this GIVEAWAY here.  

Tweet: Read all about the New Year New You Ultimate Fitness GIVEAWAY!  @ActiveWearUSA @UDKitchen #DiscoverYOU

So enter to win all of this awesome fitness loot valued at over $650!  You can enter here.  So, what are you going to do in 2015 to make this a New Year New You?  #DiscoverYOU

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. Thank you for hosting the giveaway link-up! :)

  2. Love this giveaway! Crossing my fingers that I win ;)

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