Monday, March 31, 2014

A 5K For Epilepsy!

My friends know that my pet cause is Epilepsy, specifically the Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego.  Every year, they put on the Sharon's Ride Run Walk for Epilepsy sometime in March or April.  This year it was on March 30.
Recognize the 2 purple clad girls on the bottom right?!

As we do every year, we put together a team of family, friends and supporters and compete to see who can bring in the most money and the most people - all in the name of a good cause.  This year we had 185 people and raised almost $13,000.00.  I am so incredibly proud to be a part of Serena's Crusaders!
This is Serena.  Serena is the S in the Running with SD Mom.  Ha ha!  See what I did there?!  Serena was diagnosed with Epilepsy when she was 18 months old.  She is now 4 1/2 and thriving.  She still has frequent seizures but we have a wonderful community and support system and every day feels like a blessing!  We know how lucky we are!
Just look at this incredible group of people who touched our hearts and our lives by just being there - in spirit or in person.  Events like this teach S not to let Epilepsy define her but to make it just a part of who she is!  She is kind, sassy, spunky, smart, loyal and beautiful!  Hope you all join us next year!

And GIVEAWAY Update: Giveaway Blog Post coming to your inbox on Thursday!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

#TuTusRock Lake Run

So I am sure you have all heard about the controversy related to Tutus and Self Magazine?  And then they "apologized."  But what the women's running community decided to do in response is nothing short of heartwarming!  Women (and men) all over the county decided to band together and show the world that Tutus do ROCK!

So a bunch of tutu loving friends and I decided to meet at 6:00 a.m. at our favorite running spot for a little Tu-Tu much running...see what I did there?

There were people who had heard of the controversy and those that hadn't.  But almost everyone smiled.  And if all a tutu does is make a person feel the need to smile, then it is GREAT!

Tutu by Glam Runner Monika Allen herself, headband by Made by Shellane and my I Rock my Tutu shirt by Kristina at Divas and Daredevils.

I so loved running with these ladies.  They all have a story and they are incredible women who came from all over the County to show their support for women runners and their right to wear whatever the heck they want and especially Monika!  #tutusrock for sure!

And thank you to my BRFs of all time for showing up with a skirt to support this cause and me!  My heart overfloweth ladies!
Courtney, Jess, Me, Julie

And exciting news Readers!  I am going to be hosting a GIVEAWAY of the world's cutest tutu!  It is an embellished red, white & blue tutu for your 4th of July race.  So excited!  Check out A& E Custom Tutus for a sneak peek!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy Runniversary to me!

So yesterday was my grand 1 year Runniversary!  I have learned a lot this past year and I will cover that in another post.  But the most important lesson I have learned is to listen to your body.  I started developing a nagging hip pain after the San Diego Women's Half Marathon (my favorite race so far!) and it wasn't going away. Uphill especially and it wasn't just an excuse to not do hill workouts.  So I tried acupuncture and massage.  I even tried rest and ice until I gave myself hypothermia!  Serious!

Alas, I was not to get that magical one step cure all - the CORSTISONE shot!  My primary care doctor truly believed I had trochanteric bursitis.  So she referred me out to a sports medicine doctor for a cortisone shot.  The doctor took one look at my pain profile and the movements that caused me pain and said, "Left Hip Flexor Tendinosis." 

My hospital selfie

I won't go into all of the details but how I understand it is that Bursitis is inflammation and Tendinosis is a pre-tear.  And since I am allergic to NSAIDs, I am kind of hosed and my only option is rest, ice and physical therapy.

There is nothing worse for a runner than not being able to run!  A year ago, I would have said, "A forced break from running?  YES!"  No more, I don't know where that girl went but she is gone.  The thought of not being able to run makes me want to curl up into a little ball and cry!

So I will be good...somewhat!  I have the mother of all Half marathons coming up at La Jolla and I have to get thru it to earn that darn Triple Crown.  I want to run for a long time and I don't want to jeopardize that by being foolish and running before my hip is ready...

Anyone have any tips for me?  Have you been injured?  Everyone says swim but I don't have ready access to a pool.  It seems to me that the bike and elliptical would actually be worse on my hip!  Argh!  I am so out of sorts!  I need my endorphin release...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

BRF = Best Running Friend

One of the most important things I have learned from my journey to becoming a better runner is that I need support. Support from family, friends and work. But let me tell you, I also need motivation. In large amounts. And that motivation comes in the form of my beautiful running friends AKA BRFs!  

When I started running, my friend Courtney religiously met me every Saturday at our favorite Lake loop and ran with me. It was a while before I could run the entire 5 mile loop without walking but she stuck with me. And eventually I could and did run our first race together - the Scripps Old Pros 10k. See previous post. We wore tutus because tutus make every race more fun!
I am not sure she knows how very grateful I am to her. She set me on this path and never gave up on me.  Also pictured are the super rad Christine and Jill!

At some point, I started running with Jessica. We used to work together and we had similar distance and pace goals. We set out to conquer the running world one race at a time. Our first big test was Silver Strand 10 miler and boy, let me tell you. I could NOT have done it without her. Talk about loyalty and dedication. She met me every weekend at 5:30 am for our long run and continues to do so to this day!  We got thru Silver Strand and the Carlsbad Half Marathon just the way we started - encouraging each other and lifting each other up!
But the best part about having friends who run is always having someone to run with if you need them. I am so excited to have reconnected with my childhood friend Julie who is an amazing runner and friend. And my list of lovely running friends is a mile long. They are always encouraging me and telling me I am better than I think I am. I may even start believing them one of these days. 

All I know is, friends make running fun!!

Will Run for the!

What do you get when you cross a gimpy hip and a gimpy knee and add in a couple awesome matching outfits? The Hot Chocolate SD 15k! Oh and hideous horrific hills!

I had a busy workout last part of the week. 5 miles on Thursday, Jazzercise on Friday and the Autism 5k on Saturday. I knew going in that I would have tired legs. So I loaded up on my Nuun on Saturday to feed the electrolytes back into my body, especially my legs.  Did it work?  Would these tired legs make it up those

I woke up with my usual routine.  Fish oil pill (Costco), 16 oz of water and a Luna Bar in White Chocolate peppermint, slowly consumend on the way to the race with my friend Shasta.  Then between pictures and no more than 20 minutes before start time, I take my Vega Pre-Workout Energizer in the acai berry flavor.  (Warning: product contains caffeine!).  Met up with my amazing friend Kat (a BQ runner!) and many other lovely running friends.  Aren't runners the nicest people ever?! 

Don't you love the matching outfits?  The tanks are from Run Pretty Far and the skirts are from Running Skirts, socks are from Pro Compression.  And the shoes?!  Oh the Shoes!  Best shoes ever...did I say that already?  Best Shoes Ever!

So thanks to my friends, my gear and the promise of delicious chocolate fondue at the end, I made it, gimpy hip and all.  Special shout out and thanks to J. Mo for getting us thru Miles 5.5-7.5.

Monday, March 24, 2014

About Me

One year ago, on March 26, I began running.  Slow and steady.  I had just lost some weight and I wanted a way to keep it I started the Couch to 5K program and signed myself up for a race.  At first, I couldn't even run 30 seconds at a time and now, I have run 2 Half Marathons.  I am not the fastest person you will meet but I am the most dedicated, committed and addicted runner I know.
Here is me at my very first race:
I am the one in the pink tank to the right of your screen.  The other two lovelies are my mom and sister who so graciously agreed to sign up with me.  This was the Girls on the Go 5K and my only goal was to not walk.  I made it!

My next race was the Scripps Old Pros 10K and again had the same goal - don't walk!  This time, my boy agreed to do the 2 mile fun run while I ran the 10K.  What a special day and a very special race!
Next, I did the Bolt to the Q 5K in July, the All American Hero 10K in August with my sorority sisters and another 10K in December - Iron Girl (I HIGHLY recommend this one!).  My real test though was the Silver Strand 10-miler in November of last year.  This was the real test.  Could I finish a 10-mile race?  Guess what?  I did and I loved it!
Yes, those are Hoka One One Bondis!  Best.  Shoe.  Ever!!

With 2014, came my first Half Marathon!  Now if I made it thru, I could call myself a runner.  And guess what?  I did it and scored myself this sweet medal.  But because I finished Carlsbad Half, I have to bite the bullet and go for the Triple Crown, which means completing La Jolla Half (ugh, the hill at Torrey) and AFC Half in HOT steamy August!

This last weekend I did the Hot Chocolate 15K.  Holy Hills!  But you know what?  I surprised myself...I made it and now I am ready to tackle La Jolla!  If only La Jolla would give me chocolate, hot, melty, gooey chocolate at the end, I'm in!

Run Like a Mother: Mother's Brood Ambassador

GUESS WHAT???  Guess who got selected as a race ambassador??  Yup!  Me!  What are the odds?  I am so excited.  I don't even understand what it really means but looks like I'm in!
Here is the link to the race:
Virtual 5K Run Like a Mother

I hear the shwag is really cute and at only $20, why not??  Just make sure to tell them I sent you.