Friday, July 29, 2016

Things I Learned at the @MLB All Star Game! #ASG

So as you may have heard, the Major League Baseball All Star Game was at Petco Park in San Diego on July 12.  We just moved closer to Downtown and the Ballpark.  So when my husband won some tickets at work, it was a no brainer.  An experience of a lifetime and we were taking the kids!

And I wanted to share our experience with you in a list of 10 things I learned at the All Star Game...for when it comes to your hometown!

1.  If you go to a baseball game, make sure it's at Petco Park.

I realize this one won't work in your hometown but trust me, try to make a trip to see a Padres' game. This stadium is so worth it!

2.  Make sure you have good seats. We were in the sun for about 2/3 of the game. So sit near third base. We were behind first.

3.  Even a $10.50 beer is always worth it.

4.  When your kid hears the National Anthem sung by her favorite singer (Rachel Platten), the smile is priceless.

5. When the kind strangers around you offer your kids their own Cracker Jack boxes, you realize why they call it America's Finest City.

For both kids!

6.  When the WHOLE stadium stands up to cancer while above mentioned Rachel Platten sings "Fight Song", you realize it's okay to shed a tear.

7.  Yes, let the kids get the kids meal in the baseball hat bowl.

8. It's okay to let your girl cuddle up to Daddy during a baseball game.

9.  It's okay to eat chips and fake cheese at a baseball game.  Hmmm, I somehow forgot to take a picture of this.  Trust me on this one...

10.  It's awesome living close to the ballpark and taking an Uber to and from the park so you can drink the above mentioned beer.

BONUS: It's the best making completely awesome memories with those who you love the most.

It was such a fun day!  I don't even LOVE baseball and I had a TOTAL BLAST!

Have you ever been to a major sporting event like this?  So much fun!  Do you like baseball?

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. Wasn't that lucky! It looks like you had great seats, too! Wow! What a memory! We were fortunate to score tickets in a suite for the Celebrity Softball Game. The guys scored some for the All Star Game, too. It was such a great even and it was so well organized. We love Petco Park!

  2. Petco Park is a good time for any baseball game!

  3. What an awesome treat for the whole family. I shed a tear reading this! Truly America's Finest City! Glad you had fun. Congrats for winning!