Tuesday, March 25, 2014

BRF = Best Running Friend

One of the most important things I have learned from my journey to becoming a better runner is that I need support. Support from family, friends and work. But let me tell you, I also need motivation. In large amounts. And that motivation comes in the form of my beautiful running friends AKA BRFs!  

When I started running, my friend Courtney religiously met me every Saturday at our favorite Lake loop and ran with me. It was a while before I could run the entire 5 mile loop without walking but she stuck with me. And eventually I could and did run our first race together - the Scripps Old Pros 10k. See previous post. We wore tutus because tutus make every race more fun!
I am not sure she knows how very grateful I am to her. She set me on this path and never gave up on me.  Also pictured are the super rad Christine and Jill!

At some point, I started running with Jessica. We used to work together and we had similar distance and pace goals. We set out to conquer the running world one race at a time. Our first big test was Silver Strand 10 miler and boy, let me tell you. I could NOT have done it without her. Talk about loyalty and dedication. She met me every weekend at 5:30 am for our long run and continues to do so to this day!  We got thru Silver Strand and the Carlsbad Half Marathon just the way we started - encouraging each other and lifting each other up!
But the best part about having friends who run is always having someone to run with if you need them. I am so excited to have reconnected with my childhood friend Julie who is an amazing runner and friend. And my list of lovely running friends is a mile long. They are always encouraging me and telling me I am better than I think I am. I may even start believing them one of these days. 

All I know is, friends make running fun!!

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