Saturday, March 29, 2014

#TuTusRock Lake Run

So I am sure you have all heard about the controversy related to Tutus and Self Magazine?  And then they "apologized."  But what the women's running community decided to do in response is nothing short of heartwarming!  Women (and men) all over the county decided to band together and show the world that Tutus do ROCK!

So a bunch of tutu loving friends and I decided to meet at 6:00 a.m. at our favorite running spot for a little Tu-Tu much running...see what I did there?

There were people who had heard of the controversy and those that hadn't.  But almost everyone smiled.  And if all a tutu does is make a person feel the need to smile, then it is GREAT!

Tutu by Glam Runner Monika Allen herself, headband by Made by Shellane and my I Rock my Tutu shirt by Kristina at Divas and Daredevils.

I so loved running with these ladies.  They all have a story and they are incredible women who came from all over the County to show their support for women runners and their right to wear whatever the heck they want and especially Monika!  #tutusrock for sure!

And thank you to my BRFs of all time for showing up with a skirt to support this cause and me!  My heart overfloweth ladies!
Courtney, Jess, Me, Julie

And exciting news Readers!  I am going to be hosting a GIVEAWAY of the world's cutest tutu!  It is an embellished red, white & blue tutu for your 4th of July race.  So excited!  Check out A& E Custom Tutus for a sneak peek!

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  1. Awesome! Way to go ladies! I wish I could have been there!!