Sunday, July 13, 2014

Big Bite Bacon Fest or the time I almost had a Heart Attack!

As promised, a review of the Big Bite Bacon Fest at the San Diego County Fair!

I had a million alternative titles for this post. Some of them NSFW. Or your eyes. Or your mental imagery. So I settled on this.

When I heard about the opportunity to go to the Big Bite BaconFest at the SD County Fair VIP (Very Important PorkLover) style, I was in!  I asked my good friend Melissa at Melissa Running It to accompany me. 

What could be better?  Unlimited bacon themed items and craft beer!  

Part of the VIP experience was being able to get in 1 hour early to get the gorge fest started. So 4:30 instead of 5:30. 

Here is a sampling of the things we tried:

Jalapeño Mac & Cheese from La Jolla Brewing Company
Spicy Caramel Bacon Popcorn from Ghost Scream (more on them in a bit)
Bacon S'mores from, you guessed it, Bacon S'mores.
Butter Pecan Bacon Caramel Peanut Butter Fudge Sundaes from Farrell's
Bacon Guacamole from Chef Jesse Lopez
The 50/50 Burger from Slater's 50/50 with a half beef half bacon patty and a fried egg. (Reference above mentioned heart attack!)
Bacon wrapped salmon on a bed of FLOWERS and a celeriac purée from Bice (prettiest dish for sure)
The "King" cupcake from Yummy Cupcakes - peanut butter cupcake with banana frosting and bacon on top.
Bacon wrapped meatballs from Meat Inc.  They also had chocolate covered bacon out later.
Chocolate Bacon Crepe from Broken Yolk
Maple Bacon Donut Bars from Donut Bar
Candied Pork Belly from Dominic's at the Harbor
Pancakes and Bacon cookies from the Cravory
And my personal favorite, the deep fried bacon wrapped pickle from Chicken Charlie's. Holy Yum!  It was the perfect bite!
There was even a bacon wedding cake complete with bacon rosettes!

As promised, I must tell you about Ghost Scream. This chili garlic paste is the spiciest most delicious thing you will ever put in your face. It turns guacamole from wow to WOW!  

There was more fun to be had at the Yelp booth. Are you a Yelp fan and reviewer?  If not, you should be!  

Who doesn't love a good photo booth?!

Or a photo bomb from Andy C?

I even got to meet Jesse Lozano from Star 94.1 and he loves Yelp too (inside joke)!

So now for the nitty gritty. Do you have a Bacon Fest in your area?

I didn't think the $75 price tag was worth the admission to the VIP section. You got a free shirt and entrance 1 hour early. That was an extra $20 for that. 

Also, the people pouring the beer had no idea what they were doing. I would ask them what kind of beer it was and they would only know the brewery name and not the type. If you advertise as a bacon and beer fest, you should know the type of beer. Just sayin'. 

But they did have a young chef competition which was adorable. These kids know their stuff. This 10 year old was making bacon ice cream!

And it wasn't worth the stomach issues following that much bacon!  Won't be doing that again but it did give me a chance to discover new restaurants and find my favorite hot sauce ever!

Did I mention I love this hot sauce?!

Would you ever go to a Bacon Fest?  What kind of Festival would you attend?  Do you like hot sauce?

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. I think it might be about 6 more months before I can eat bacon! LOL

  2. I need bacon NOW! How did the bacon ice cream sundae taste? I had my first bacon chocolate bar last week. I think I came across your blog from RunBlogSociety... I can't wait to catch up on your archives!

  3. Thanks for coming over to visit! The sundae was GREAT! I love salty but by then, I was so baconed out! But it was a good flavor combo...the peanut butter was a good touch!

    1. We usually have turkey bacon, when when I have REAL bacon I'm always surprised at how amazing it is! haha!

    2. I am still taking a little hiatus from bacon. Ha ha!

  4. OMG lol! So much bacon, my hubby would have been in food Heaven!