Sunday, May 1, 2016

Legoland NINJAGOWorld & Ninjago the Ride Experience!

As a Legoland Blogger, I get to go check out all the awesome new things at Legoland slightly before the rest of the public.  But the good thing about that, is that I get to check all the things out and tell you all about it.  And trust me, you will appreciate this post if you plan to go on the Ninjago ride.

Quick word about Ninjago.  If you have a kid in the 6-10 age range, they know what it is.  But for the uninitiated, read about it here.  So, on April 28, SD Dad, the SD Kidz and I all played hooky and headed to Legoland for the grand opening / media day for NINJAGOWorld.

The ceremonies began when a Sensei introduced the four main ninjas the area is created around: Kai, Jay, Cole and Zane, and they each entered the Asian themed courtyard representing each of their elements: fire, lightning, earth and ice. 

They demonstrated very high level ninja type skills and if you look closely at the picture, you can see a Ninja about to jump off the roof!  NINJAGO World features five attractions all designed to test guests balance, agility, speed and creativity:  Zane’s Temple Build, Kai’s Spinners, Cole’s Rock Climb, Jay’s Lightning Drill and NINJAGO The Ride.  Our favorite of course was the ride!

It was awesome.  There was so much attention to detail in the ride.  From swords...

To descriptions of every Ninja including Sensei Wu...

To scale models of the lesser known Ninjago characters like Nya...

And the Asian themed subway station.

But this isn't an ordinary ride.  NINJAGO The Ride enables guests to demonstrate ninja skills by simply using their hands instead of a hand-held device. The hand gesture technology is manufactured by Triotech, the world leader in media based interactive attractions, and enables guests to throw fire balls, shock waves, ice and lightning to defeat villains. Riders collect points for their training and battle efforts throughout the ride and scores are displayed when their quest is completed.

These scores are from the first time we rode the ride.  We rode it 3 more times after that.  We learned some tricks.  The key is to make your Ninja hand movements no more than 8 inches above the sensor.  And the best way to do it are short and low karate chopping movements.  On the last ride, I have over 200,000 points.  I will tell you that my arms were super sore the next day!

Sorry the picture is blurry!  You have to wear 3D glasses in the ride!

We continued to have fun in Ninjago World even when we weren't riding the ride over and over again!  We met the Sensei in person.

We ate some Asian spiced pork belly sandwiches (these will be served at the Ninja Kitchen).

And some rice krispie treats on a stick!

Hung out with super blogger friends like Laura and Joann!

Met some real Ninjas...

And some not so real ones.

And of course, a new land means more LEGO models; 22 new LEGO models can be found in NINJAGO World including two five-foot guardian dragons protecting the entrance built from 77,280 LEGO bricks, models of Master Wu, ninjas Jay, Lloyd and Kai plus swords of the four elements.

S kept asking why the green ninja wasn't there to participate in the ceremonies so she had to settle for the Lego version.

Then all too soon it was time to say goodbye to NINJAGOWorld (it was only open until 1) and head out!  I will write a post all about the rest of our day soon.  But before we left the park, we took one last picture in front of all of our favorite Ninjas!

And finally, you know you have had a good day at an amusement park when you turn to the back seat and see this!

Have you been to NINJAGOWorld yet?  The grand opening is on May 5 and let me tell you, it is SO worth it!  Super awesome and both my kids are huge Ninjago fans!  And don't forget my ninja tips!  It will rack up the points for sure!

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom

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  1. My kid is a Lego and ninja turtle nut. Ninjago sounds like it combines both loves.