Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday GIVEAWAY Roundup!

Welcome to another edition of the Wednesday GIVEAWAY Roundup! I go looking for GIVEAWAYS around the web and put them in one place so you don't have to. As always, I am entering these GIVEAWAYS too! So here we go!

1.  As always, I start with my awesome GIVEAWAY for the week.  Will you be in or able to get to the LA area on November 15?  Well why not?  There is a shiny new PR waiting for you on this DOWNHILL beautiful course!  I am giving away an entry to the Half or Full to Revel Canyon City!

Enter to win here.  Ends 9/27.

2.  Lindsay at Fit and Awesome is giving away a Polar Heart Rate monitor. 

Enter to win here.  Ends 9/30.

3.  Debi at 14-in-2014 is giving away 13.1 Girls Run Fast earrings and a runner charm!

Enter to win here.  Ends 9/28.

4.  Diatta at Femme Fitale Fit Club is giving away Energems.  They may look like candy but they give you energy!

Enter to win here.  Ends 9/29.

5.  Nicole at My Fit Family is giving away an entire Reva wear outfit of your choice.

Enter to win here.  Ends 9/26.

6.  Carlee at Be the Change is giving away a 4-pack of KT tape.

Enter to win here.  Ends 9/25.

7.  Brienne at Lean Clean and Brie is giving away 2 Tiesta tea pouches and filters.

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/1.

8.  Sam, a brand new #sweatpink Ambassador, blogging at Sly Sam Getting Fit is giving away an Ultrasonic Diffuser to make your house smell delish!

Enter to win here.  Ends 9/29.

9.  Sami at Go Go Mountain Girl is giving away a Hot Chocolate Race 5 or 15K entry!  

Enter to win here.  Ends 9/24.

10.  Erica at Erica Finds has 4 GIVEAWAYS for you this week.  First up, she is giving away a Words to Sweat By Scarf and Bracelet and Ortholite Cushioned Insoles (3 winners).

Enter to win here.  Ends 9/29.  

She is also giving away a 6-pack of Harvest Snaps!

Enter to win here.  Ends 9/30.

Also, an Apera Spirit pack bag!

Enter to win that one here.  Ends 9/30.

And finally, a Bestowed Box giveaway!

Enter to win here. Ends 9/25.

11.  Heather at What the Heck...Why Not? is giving away 2 sample tins of EnergyBits.  

Enter to win here.  Ends 9/25.  

12.  Ashley at A Lady goes West is giving away a week's worth of Shakeology!

Enter to win here.  Ends 9/26.  

13.  Jen at Girl, In Transition is having an Energy Gels Galore Giveaway on her blog!

Enter to win here.  Ends 9/26.

14.  Amanda at Adventures of FitNyx is hosting her very first GIVEAWAY so let's get her LOTS of entries!  She is giving away a 10-pack of MeStrength hydration mix with a possibility of more!

Enter to win here.  Ends 9/30.

15.  My friend Ericka at Chronicles of a SAHM is giving away a 4 pack of tickets to the San Diego Kids expo & Fair.

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/6.

16.  Patty at No Guilt Life is giving away an entry to Esprit de She AZ and SHWAG!  Who doesn't LOVE shwag?!

Enter to win here.  Ends 9/28.

17.  Julianne at Healthy Lifestyle Choices with Julianne is giving away the September Love for Food box on her FB page.  

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/3.

18.  And finally, Susie from SuzLyfe is giving away her version of a Runner Box on her blog filled with things you will love!  

Enter to win here.  Ends 9/29.

And there you have it.  18 bloggers. 21 giveaways.  1 post.  Don't forget to come back here and tell me if you win!

Good luck and as always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom