Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday GIVEAWAY Roundup!

Welcome to another edition of the Wednesday GIVEAWAY Roundup! I go looking for GIVEAWAYS around the web and put them in one place so you don't have to. As always, I am entering these GIVEAWAYS too! So here we go!

1.  As always, I start with mine for the week.  This week I am bringing you a GIVEAWAY for your choice of motivational wrap bracelet from Words to Sweat By.

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/21.

2.  My good friend Jenn of Run with Sole is giving away a whole box of your choice of Healthy Warrior Chia seed bars and a 16oz bag of chia seeds.

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/19.

3.  Carlee of Be the Change (Carlee McDot) has 2 GIVEAWAYS for you this week.

The first is for your choice of a Sparkly Soul headband.

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/16.

She is also giving away your choice of Pro Compression socks or sleeves.

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/21.

4.  Julie at Run Walk Repeat is giving away a Where's Mickey Vera Bradley hipster bag.

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/19.

5.  Kathryn from Dancing to Running is reviewing and giving away Hemp Hearts on her blog.

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/21.

6.  Also reviewing and giving away Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts is Annmarie from Fit Foodie Mama.

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/24.

7.  Finally, Mary Beth at Tutus and Tennies is also giving away a chance to try the Mnaitoba Hemp Hearts.

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/19.

8.  Well of Health is hosting a great GIVEAWAY on their Instagram page for Quest Nutrition bars, BAMRbands, Our True Roots tiger nuts and Oxygenfit tank and water bottle.

Enter to win here.  Ends when they reach 1K followers.

9.  Brienne at Lean Clean and Brie is giving away a Slow Cooker!

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/20.

10.  Erica from Erica Finds has 4 for you this week!

First up,  she is giving away 3 flavors of BumbleBar junior bars.

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/16.

She is also giving away Think Pink with Zemas and FYB - 2 GF baking mixes from Zemas Madhouse Foods + one Feel Your Boobies item up to $25.

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/18.

She is giving away MeStrength Hydration Mix 10 Pack - for every 300 entries another 10 pack prize will be awarded.  

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/18.

Finally, she is giving away these super cool map pendants necklaces to 4 winners.  

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/22.

11.  Lori from Strength of it All is giving away 12 CDs from 5 bands from the Hope Music Festival.

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/18.  

12.  Sam from SlySam Getting Fit has 4 GIVEAWAYS for you this week as well.  

First, she is giving away Australian Tea Tree oil.

Enter to win here. Ends 10/25.

Next up, she is giving away non GMO organic Cooking Oil.  

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/28.

Next, she has some organic cheese selections for you, winner gets 5 free blocks!

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/31.

Finally, she is also giving away 2 facial serums from Azure Naturals.

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/29.

13.  Sharon from Mommy Runs It is giving away an Omron Elctrotherapy TENS unit.

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/24.  

14.  Kaila from Healthy Helper Blog is giving away over 100 of the latest and greatest products from the health food industry to 2 winners. 

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/17.

15.  Bre and Ree at Bump & Run are giving away Matcha green tea.

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/22.  

16.  Montana at Pretty Lil Mudder is giving away your choice of Pro Compression Marathon socks.  

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/20.

17.  Kymberly and Alexandra at Fun and Fit are giving away Nielsen Massey Vanilla sugar.

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/21.

18.  Lindsay at Fit and Awesome is doing a review and GIVEAWAY on her blog for ProYo Frozen Yogurt.

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/26.

19.  Laura at Sprint 2 the Table is giving away Quest chips in all their flavors.

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/19.

20.  Jennifer from the True Barbellian is giving away a custom JournalMENU log book.

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/20.

21.  Bri at Run Lift Yoga is giving away a Koru personal training package, including a nutrition program evaluation.

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/27.

22.  And finally, Leslee at Her Happy Balance is giving away Skoop protein powder and a shaker bottle.

Enter to win here.  Ends 10/21.

And there you have it.  22 Bloggers.  29 Giveaways.  1 Post.  Which ones will you enter?  Let me know if you win!

And a quick plug for the Learn How to Foam Roll / Stretch event at Road Runner Sports on November 2, 2014 from 4-6 p.m. in San Diego.  There will be FANTASTIC prizes and some awesome samples!  You can RSVP here and get an extra raffle ticket.  Hope you can make it, I want to meet YOU!

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. Awesome! Thanks so much for featuring my giveaway! Ill make sure to enter some of the other ones they sound great! Lots of good stuff here :-)

    1. I know. I feel like I say this every week but this is a good one!

  2. There are SO many amazing giveaways!!! I'm going to check them all out now. Thanks for including my Quest giveaway!

  3. The link for the cheeses takes me to a broken page.

  4. Awesome giveaway post. Thanks for sharing! I have a giveaway going on too : )