Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Introduction to the 11 Days of #GIVEAWAYS and a Holiday Gift Guide

So you arrived here expecting the Roundup!  The Roundup is on hiatus until 2015 so that I can bring you 11 WHOLE DAYS of Giveaways from my favorite people and products!  Here is a sneak peek at these fabulous prizes being given away starting Thursday December 4!

I hope this list makes you excited because it sure makes me excited!  Before we get going on my GIVEAWAYS, I thought I would give you some awesome gift ideas for runners or any fitness enthusiast in your life this year.

1.  Hydration
As a runner, hydration is key.  Both what you drink the day before, the week before and during and after a run are upper important.  How you get that there is important too.  That is why I think Orange Mud products belong on every wish list this year.  (I am not affiliated with them in anyway...I just LOVE their stuff!)


This is great for shorter runs.  The bottle can hold electrolyte and can be refilled mid run unlike a bladder type system.  The pack itself can be thrown into a washer.  It doesn't chafe or rub or shift.  

This one has all the great features of the HydraQuiver but it has 2 bottles and front storage pockets so I can take great pictures like this.  Haha.  Easy phone access.  Every bloggers dream!  I like the two bottles too because you can put electrolyte in one and water in the other.  Genius!

2.  Sun Protection
My very favorite visors are Headsweats.  Again, I am not affiliated with them in anyway but they are the best I have found.  They are snug but don't feel like a vise and they wick the dripping sweat away.  The come in all shapes and colors and sizes.  

Coincidentally, Headsweats makes OrangeMud's visors too!  

3.  Style
As you know, as a SweatPink ambassador, I have had the pleasure of working with Lorna Jane.  I love their stuff.  Their tanks are bright, comfortable and always in style.  You can't go wrong with giving one of these!  

WE all know my FAVORITE other thing to wear but I will save the Spandits love for the GIVEAWAY post!

4.  Race Entry!
You can never go wrong with giving the one you love an entry to the race of their dreams.  Ask them and then surprise them!

5.  Shoes
You know and I know that I love Hokas.  So this holiday season, give them!  Maybe even to yourself.  Your feet will thank you!

There are so many styles to choose from, I am sure one will work for you!  Maybe the new Cliftons or the awesome (and my favorite) trail to road hybrid - the Huaka!

6.  Grooming
I was recently sent the EpiSlim to review.  Without going into too much detail, I don't wax my face.  I have very sensitive skin and any kind of wax on my face = insta hives.  Not PRETTY!  So when I received the EpiSlim and saw that it was equivalent to 18 tweezers at work on your face, I was intrigued.  Then when I tried it, I wondered why I hadn't before.  

I won't lie and blow sunshine up your ... and tell you it doesn't hurt.  It hurts.  But only for a few seconds and there are no hives or allergic reactions.  Quick and the pain is short lived.  (I received the EpiSlim for no charge for review purposes from Emjoi's publicists)

What would you add to this list? Make sure you come back tomorrow to start in on the 11 Days of #GIVEAWAYS!  

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. Love all the items on your list. The only other thing I would add to the list is compression gear - I love compression pants and socks! I actually asked my sister to give me a race entry as a gift and she thought I was nuts, haha.

    1. Dear Kimberly! That is tomorrow. Of course I love compression too 😜

  2. Ooo... excited for this. I havent used them, but I've thought for a while that the HydraQuivers look awesome for hydrating. Great engineering and design.

  3. I love my Spandits too! I'm excited for nuttzo butter. lol! Regarding the Lorna Jane, how supportive are the sports bras? Their stuff is adorable but I need support and comfort up top. (You can email me at

    1. I can't wear LJ bras for running. I need support up top too. I like Freya and Panache bras for that purpose.

  4. Those tanks are adorable. :] I especially love the light blue one!

  5. I would like to try Hokas! I've heard great things about them. And race entries are always a great gift! I'm asking for yoga classes this year- those things get pricey and I'm always looking for ways to fund my yoga habit! Can't wait for your giveaways to start!

    1. Love my Hokas! Yoga, I hear, is so important to runners!