Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 - Running Year In Review!

Hi Friends,
I want to bring you my 2015 Running Year in Review.  It has been an amazing year.  And don't forget to link up with me and Dani!  You can add your Year in Review link to the link up at the end of the post!

So let's get right to it!

2 Marathons

This year, I completed 2 marathons.  Holy cow!  That is 2 sets of 26.2 miles ALL AT THE SAME TIME!  Phoenix Marathon was fun.  I met all the friends and I got to be a part of the creation / beginning of the We Run Social movement.

And let's not forget the super awesome always fantastic Revel Canyon City!  PR by 10 minutes!  Join me next year on November 12, 2016!

1 Amazing Coach

I decided that I needed a coach this year to keep me healthy and most of all, to keep me sane.  Jenn from Sole Health and Wellness has given me all that and more.

I cannot recommend her enough.  If you are in San Diego or far away, call her and set up something with her.  She rocks!

5 Half Marathons

In 2015, I have done the Mermaid Half Marathon (February), Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon (June), Rock n Roll LA Half Marathon (October) and the Del Dios Trail Half Marathon (December).

I have to be honest and say the most fun was the trail half!  Those twists and turns are fun!  Slow but fun!  I also did the San Diego Holiday Half Marathon yesterday (12/27).  Awesome course if you are looking for a PR!

4 Virtual Runs

Thru my partnership with Gone For a Run, I got to do some really fun Virtual Races this year.  Virtual races are not tied to a location but they send a bib, a medal and a shirt!  Good swag without any travel pressure with a traditional race.  Clockwise starting at top left: Faster than Boo, Sole Sister, Run Now Beer Later and Road Shark!

Trail Running

Thank to my favorite "goat" Jenn, I discovered the trails more than ever.  All over San Diego and the Pacific Crest Trail thanks to her badassery in her 50 miler!  Trails are so much fun but so mental.  Have to pay attention to foot falls and twists and turns.  But so beautiful and so freeing!  And when you run them with the best girls you know, then they are magic!  And much easier on your body in terms of impact.

I even volunteered at the SD100 race with Team Running Skirts this year.  

What is next for me with running?

This is a tough one.  I am signed up to do the LA Marathon in February.  I am not sure it will be a PR race or even a run for time race.  My high school best friend is running the race too so I may want to use 26 miles to catch up with her.  But Jenn is running too and maybe she will lead me to a PR like she did wth me at Canyon City Half last year.  

To be honest, I am a little burned out of running.  I think I need a break.  I want it to be a joy again.  I want to feel free and light when I run and not bogged down with training miles.  So, I think 2016 will be the year of the Half marathon.  Where training runs could be 3 miles and not always 7.  I also want it to be the year of yoga and strength training.  I want to be a girl who lifts!

So tell me about your year!  What was the best thing about 2015?  What are you looking forward to in 2016?

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. You've had an amazing year! And I feel so honored to have been a part of it!! You inspire so many people. And it's no wonder you're feeling a little burned out. It's natural and a part of every runner's life at some point. Look to LA as something fun to do. No pressure at all. Then you can decide where to go from there. Focusing on half marathons is a great thing. Maybe try more trail races since you liked them so much. Whatever you do, make it fun without pressure.

  2. Loved reading your Year in Review! 2 Marathons in one year? You are such an inspiration!

    I'll be linking up my year in review on Wednesday :)

  3. Pretty awesome year! 2016 is the 20th anniversary of my 1st and 2nd marathons in San Francisco and NYC so that is what I will be excited about. LA is looking like a fun run or a no-go for me. My hammie feels a million times better already! I was feeling stressed and burned out so need to put the fun back in my run. I am a maybe for Carlsbad for running but still planning to come out, I think! Especially now that winter is arriving in Chicago.

  4. Loved reading about your year in whole--so often we only see snippets of our years, but I have loved reviewing the year in total. I loved getting to know you, meeting, and running with you! Hopefully we can find a way to do that again this new year.

  5. It looks like you had a great year Smitha! There are so many great half marathons in San Diego - I can't wait for 2016!!

  6. Wow-you had an amazing year! Here's to a fantastic 2016!!


  7. Awesome year for you! I like 3 mile training runs too and yoga, cheers to your 2016 goals!

  8. Smitha, I am so glad you told me about this link up! You had a super year! I love all the variety of runs you did, from trail runs to virtual runs. I have to admit, I am ready to get my marathon and all the training behind me! I tired of the super long runs and I think 2016 will be a great year for half's, fun races and I want to concentrate on strength training too! I really got excited to see that I do actually have muscles! I'd like to see if I can grow them just a bit more :) Thanks so much for the link up and I appreciate you joining us in ours too! Exactly the reason I love this supportive running community! See you in 2016!!

  9. Congratulations on having such a great running year :)

  10. Wow, impressive with the marathons. Running marathons is something I have always wanted to do but never do, lol. I hope to do one in the near future. Maybe that will be on my 2016 bucketlist. Should I get a coach for support if I do decide to do it? The best thing I did in 2015 is start my blog! I hope in 2016 to continue to get better at blogging, learn better time management and just prosper with posits for me and my family.

  11. Smitha you had an AMAZING year my friend. SO inspiring. Looking forward tackling a few half marathons myself for 2016.

  12. Sounds like an awesome year! Congrats on two marathons! Great goals for next year!

  13. Great job on all your runs--looks like you had an awesome year! <3 I hope you have fun at next year's--26 miles is definitely a good amount of time to catch up!

  14. You had an amazing year lady!! I'm right there with you and totally burnt out, hence my marathon break! The half marathon sounds glorious! I'll be linking up with ya'll on Friday! Happy New Year!!

  15. You had such a great year! I ran one marathon... that was enough for me. :) Happy New Year!

  16. You had a great year! It's been fun getting to know you and follow you this year. Yep, a lot of races! Take a break and you'll be ready to run again. I don't have much planned for 2016 after Big Sur. I'm going to take it as it comes.