Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 - Photos Year in Review!

2015 has been so fantastic in that I got to meet so many of YOU In Real Life.  Bear with me because some of these months are umm..heavier...than others!  It was hard to choose just one picture for each month so some months get more!


January started with a trail run on New Year's Day with my fellow mamas in Moms Run This Town.  If you are a mom and in the least bit interested in running/walking, JOIN your local chapter!


I was part of something magical.  The start of We Run Social at the Phoenix Marathon.

Oh and I kind of sort of ran my first freaking marathon.  That is 26.2 smiles and I think they might have all been on Brown Road!  (Those of you who have run the PHX Marathon, know what I am talking about!)

And I met Erica IRL for the second time and SUZ for the first time ever!


March was the start of the big fundraiser for the Epilepsy Foundation and Team Serena's Crusaders!  Love my family!

It was also the Carlsbad 5000 and our awesome matching Spandits Lego skirts!  And Carlee, Leslie and Jamye!


April brought the Epilepsy Foundation 5K and $11,000+ raised for the Foundation thru Team Serena's Crusaders!


May brought so much pride in my girl Jenn for finishing, no, rocking her first 50 MILER ever!  Pictured: Jamye, Jenn, Kat and me.

May brought the first time I met my forever friend Sarah in person.  Love this lady!

May also saw Tara finish her first Half Marathon and me meeting my other forever friend Barbara in real life at the Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon!


June brought my first real volunteer experience withTeam Running Skirts at the SD 100.  100 miles folks!  Nothing more inspirational than this!

Speaking of inspirational, June brought the first of two times I would "run" into Meb in Mission Bay. Go Meb indeed!


July brought Jamye's first ever 50K.  It was self supported and she named it "Freedom 50K."  So proud of her and so glad Jenn and I could be there for her.  And wear matching socks of course!


August brought a trip to MN and my sweet hubby riding alongside me as I explored new to me trails!

It also brought me some in real life girl time with two of my favorite Minnesotans: Stephanie and Mara!


I think this one is my favorite picture from 2015.  There is so much joy in this picture, for running and for life, and I think Tara captured it perfectly!

This is yet another picture of Jamye, Jenn and me but this time, we are on the trails and anytime I hit the trails with these two is a good day!

And yet another Meb sighting!  Vanessa and Alexis got to join the fun this time too!


October brought completion to my running tribe.  These three women have made it possible for me to run over 1200 miles this year.  Thank you Vanessa, Jenn and Jamye!

SD Dad also had a 2nd place finish at the Epilepsy Ride!  We are so proud of him!

And another awesome Rock n Roll event - this time LA!  The We Run Social crew REPRESENTED!  Sarah and I were Rock n Roomies!  (David, Brian, Sarah, Michael, Andrea)


November brought my second Marathon medal and a 10 min PR at Revel Canyon City!

It also brought another super fun We Run Social meet up, this time on matching socks and color coordinated outfits!  (David, Carlee, Kristin, Brian)  This time at the Silver Strand Half Marathon!


December brought my very first Trail race.  It was super fun but SLOW!  The Del Dios Half Marathon!

I also ran the San Diego Holiday Half the second year in a row!  Such a blast and a special thanks to Jenny for all the pictures!

But the year starts and ends with these two!  Always!  Love my #SDKidz!

So tell me, would you have been able to narrow down the list to just one picture per month?  I have to say, I had about 20 options for each month.  That just means that 2015 has been a kick butt year!

And as always, please link up YOUR Best of / Year in Review post with me and Dani!  We love reading them!

Happy New Year friends!  See you in 2016!

As always,
I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. Wow that is a LOT of running and races! Good for you. :) Your family is too cute. Happy New Year Smitha! So glad BGB brought us together <3

  2. I so love all of your adventures in 2015! Looks like you had a great year. Happy New Year!!!

  3. I am seriously loving all your recaps - so much fun!

  4. Happy New year Smitha! What a great year of photos! Love that jumping shot of you in September! It would be hard for me to choose a pic for each month because I have so many to choose from too! Looking forward to seeing what 2016 brings for you!

  5. Seriously you are taking the west coast running community by storm! I'm so inspired by you and all of your running! Keep up the awesome work. I can't wait to see what's in store for you this year! Hopefully a meet up at BlogFest????