Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Wednesday #GIVEAWAY Roundup - #WinAllThePrizes

Hi Everyone!  Just wanted to give you the heads up that this here blog is going to slow down a bit for the summer while we move and settle in.  So make sure you are following me over on Instagram for all the latest product reviews, giveaways and happenings!

Like this one.  I am loving my space dye tank from Holloway Sportswear and I begged to let me give one away too.  So you can head over to Instagram and enter to win one in the color of your choice.  But hurry, because the giveaway ends 6/16 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

I also have a giveaway going for a huge prize package from Mamma Chia.

You can enter that one here.  Ends 6/15 (yes, today!).

That said, on to more GIVEAWAYS!  Join me and Erica in the Roundup where all the best giveaways on these inter webs reside.  We had 65 giveaways link up last week!  So make sure you link up your giveaway and enter to #WinAllThePrizes!  Remember, the rules can be found here.

If you link up, please make sure to add the end date

I am excited to see what you all link up and I hope you enter my giveaways!  Wish me luck on packing, moving and settling!

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. So much green with you lately. Which makes sense. It's an awesome color and you look good in it.

  2. I love that tank! It is so bright and colorful!!!