Sunday, June 12, 2016

#Fontana2SD Recap: Part 3 Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon

Spoiler Alert: I ended up completing the #Fontana2SD challenge.  How could I not?  I made a commitment myself.  So once again, I set the alarm for EARLY and met Jenn at the shuttles at 4:00 a.m.  We headed to the start line and ran into fellow Pro ambassadors - Ivie and AJ.  How cute are these socks?  Make sure to go to and get them.  Use code WAVES for 40% off!

And then a meet up with all my SD Moms Run This Town peeps.  They make my day!

And this lady right here?  Cristina?  Is a woman packed with grit!  She ran her first Marathon on Sunday.  I will have an interview soon with her on the blog because she has an amazing story!

My awesome AZBRF came to run RnR SD with me.  Yes, matching skirts!

Some more selfies: Me, Dave, Kaella (all the way from Canada), Carlee and Sarah!

Seriously these socks are awesome!

I love taking pictures at different angles like this!

Another group picture.  It was for Kristin.

We make Michael take the selfies because he has the longest arms: Laurie, Dave, Richard, Megan, Me, Michael.

I call this picture Oh Canada because everyone but me is Canadian in this picture!

Words to the Wise.  Never give Pavey your phone unless you want selfies of him and everyone around him.  Pavey, Heather & AJ.

Love me some Kristin and Katie.

And of course, us Orange Mud Ambassadors had to represent!

Then we finally started the race!  They changed the course this year and it seemed to be hillier than I remember.  But the crowds were awesome.  The weather was great.  The crowd support was incredible as always.

My sweet friend Christine came to cheer on the runners!

This was the first year that Mile 5 was the designated blue mile.  There were pictures up of fallen servicemen and women.  Kim and I were close to tears the whole time.  Very emotional.  

I heard the Marine Corps Marathon always has this.

We caught up to some of our crew for another selfie.  Me. Kim, Megan, Elvis, Sarah, Jenn and Linzie.

I thought the San Diego Track Club had the best aid station.  So much fun!

Kim's parents took a picture of us heading to the finish line.  So cute!  I adore that girl!

And my Jenny took a picture of us too!

And finally, my #Fontana2SD adventure came to an end.  

Some thoughts on the course:
1.  It was hilly.
2.  There is no race with better crowd support.  I love the SD residents.  They love their runners.  
3.  At the end, just when you think there are no more hills?  Mile 12 sends you back up 5th Avenue.  
4.  You don't see the ocean ever on the Half course.  You see it at the finish line festival but it doesn't matter.  It takes you thru some of my favorite neighborhoods in San Diego including North Park and Normal Heights.  

But the best part of any race?  EVER?  These 3.  They are my world and make everything worth it!

I could probably do a whole post on how the weekend left me mentally and emotionally drained because of that 7 hour traffic delay.  But I can also tell you that being around people who love running and love running social as much as I do, was invigorating!  Would I do a challenge like this again?  Probably not.  But would I go back and not do it if I could?  No way!  This weekend was priceless in memories.  And as they say, we PR'd in FUN!  And the craziest thing?  I woke up on Monday feeling like I could physically handle another Half.  

So would you consider doing a back to back challenge like this?  Do you think I am crazy for doing it?

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As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. I'm glad you know how much I love you so you won't be to offended when I tell you you're crazy.

  2. You rock! Loved seeing you for a bit on Sunday. More soon please! xoxo

  3. Yes, crazy but awesome!! Way to go!

  4. You never cease to amaze with your posts and accomplishments. Congrats!

  5. I had no idea this marathon had so much meaning. And congrats!

  6. Wow! Glad to hear your sharing! Congratulation! ^^