Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Wednesday #GIVEAWAY Roundup - #WinAllThePrizes!

Hi everyone!  Before you know it, Halloween will be here and then Thanksgiving...ARGH!  Time is flying!  In injury related news, I have decided to drop out of Rock n Roll LA Half Marathon to rest my hip for Revel Canyon City.  So please send healing vibes over this way.  I am dealing with a couple other health things so just think overall good thoughts for me!

Okay, I don't want to bore you to death with my injury talk.  Instead I will tell you about my giveaway for PowerBar Clean Whey protein bars.

Check it out here!  It ends 10/16!

That said, join me and Erica in the Roundup where all the best giveaways on these inter webs reside.  We had LOTS of giveaways link up last week!  So make sure you link up your giveaway and enter to #WinAllThePrizes!  Remember, the rules can be found here.

If you link up, please make sure to add the end date

So, what giveaway will you link up?  Which ones are you hoping to win?  Tell me about your week so far!  

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom

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  1. I heard about you choosing health over racing from a little birdie friend of ours and I was very impressed.