Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Athleta Grand Opening - A Bust with a silver lining

Thank you to Tri Girl Chronicles and My Race Ragz for this awesome giveaway!  I have my own personal shirt!!  Woo Hoo!  It's a little snug in sizing (a lot snug) so order a size up, maybe 2. I wish I had ordered two sizes up!

After drooling over the mail, I headed to the grand opening of our local Athleta store. 

I was so excited about the opening. I pictured giveaways and tote bags and coupons!  I love a good deal!

They made a big deal of checking to make sure we were on the guest list and gave us stickers to make sure we belonged there. 

It was crowded before you even set foot in the store!

But it was even more crowded inside the store. But thankfully they had little white wine glasses. 

I can't seem to stop doing the skinny arm leg pop!

I had to get out of there. If I want to buy clothes at full price without any fanfare, I can shop online or come back when there are less crowds.  But luckily, I ran into this sweetie and her mama!

And some other awesome MRTT ladies. 

And meet the new leadership of our local Moms Run this Town chapter!

Yes MelissyK, you too!  Ha ha. We had a lovely meeting at the Corner Bakery over a toffee cookie. So good!

So I will go back to Athleta because I really want these shorts. 

But I will probably buy them online with a coupon!  Anyone have an Athleta coupon code?!  LOL!

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. I have an Old Navy credit card. I get points toward certs that can be used for Athleta. They tend to add up pretty fast.

  2. they're stingy with their coupon codes, they only have them once or twice a year. But you'd better bet your hoo ha that I jump on it and buy something with the coupon code when it comes out, ha ha! Those shorts look like the couple of pairs that I have, and I love them! I'm wearing my wine colored pair right now. :)

  3. I wish they had an Athleta credit card. I have the BR one but you can't use the earned rewards at Athleta, and I rather buy running stuff at Athleta than work stuff at BR. :-P