Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Fascinations - Favorite Blogs Edition

This week, I thought I would tell you about which ones are my must read blogs of the week.  I read these 5 blogs every single week and whenever they have new content.  They are not all fitness related but they all give me something in my life!

1.  Kristin at Stuft Mama is my big girl crush.  She is a super speedy runner, a great mama, inventive recipe creator and all around GOOD person!  I have met her in real life and she is just as awesome as she is in her blog!

2.  Mel at Mel's Kitchen Cafe is my big kitchen helper.  I have never made a single recipe from her blog I haven't loved.  Some of my favorites are her baked oatmeal, chicken stroganoff and oatmeal chocolate chip coconut cookies!

3.  Shane at Shoots Kaden Aloha is a relatively new blogger but he already has a huge following and it is easy to see why.  He is real, warm and funny.  He doesn't take himself too seriously and loves Chipotle's lime salted tortilla chips.  I look forward to his posts!

4.  My dear running friend Kat is an amazing storyteller over at Smush Tush Runs.  Her race recaps make you feel like you are in the race with her, huffing and puffing as she breezes by.  Her posts are alive and she doesn't waste words.  Reading her recaps is an emotional experience.  Her Boston Marathon recap in particular.  She is an ultra marathoner and she finds 100 mile races fun.  Crazy (the ultimate runner compliment) but AWESOME!  

5.  And finally, of course, Sarah and Dimity over at Another Mother Runner.  They provide so much good stuff to read every single day.  Giveaways, race recaps, Follow this Mother features.  They also throw great parties and host fun events!  And make kick a$$ shirts and gear, like this one.  Best of all, they are so encouraging of other Mother Runners, fast or slow!

What blogs do you look forward to in your inbox?  What makes them so special to you?  Do you read any of the above blogs?

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. Ah homie thanks for the love! Ummm I dunno if the world is ready for dis Hawaiian :). I got your back err-day! Can't wait for when you pull that full Mary triggah! Stay blessed stay fierce!

  2. I love that silly STUFT Mama too, although I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her...yet. But we do share a name - I'm just Kristen with an 'e', and we both have a set of twins, but mine are girls and working on being all grown up at 20 years old. I also read (AND LOVE!!) AMR! And, of course, you are one of my favorite new blogs on my reading roll. I also really enjoy Through Heather's Looking Glass - her southern charm just oozes through the computer! :-)