Saturday, June 14, 2014

Move, Nourish, Believe & Yelp - My night with Lorna Jane

I had the amazing opportunity thru Yelp to go to the Lorna Jane store in La Jolla and pick out a tank, take a yoga class, eat some delicious salads and shop!  Don't need to ask me twice!  Sorry for the 17 million pictures but I was like a kid in a candy store. (Much different than my Monday night experience!)

Check out the Yelp sign and the sweet Lorna Jane bicycle!

This is Brad B.  San Diego Yelp is lucky to have him as the Community Manager.  Not pictured is Trish.  She is Yelp's North County San Diego CM.  She is RAD too!

So colorful. So pretty. 

My new running friend Shanel and fellow Elite!  We were allowed to pick out the tank of our choice.  She initially chose the one I am wearing we switched tanks here. 

Me and the rainbow of sale!

Setting up for the Yoga sesh!

Even the mats say Move Nourish Believe, the 3 pillars of Lorna Jane. 

Lots of inspiration EVERYWHERE!

Even have inspiring water bottles!

More wall inspiration. 

Christie, the manager, Brad the CM and Tracy our yogini!

Downward dog sweaty selfie!  Lol

After Yoga was done, they handed us each a 40% off coupon and let us loose in the store after closing!  My own private shopping event with amazing customer service.  They KNOW what they are talking about!

Pretty colors everywhere!

Yes, that is an orange fur vest!

I had a strategy for the shopping portion. I knew that if I didn't go in with one specific goal, I would end up making both my wallet and SD Dad mad. So I decided yesterday, I was only going to get shorts. Yes, I have a ton of skirts but no good pairs of shorts. 

My first dressing room blog selfie!  So happy!

I tried on about 15 pairs!  

I decided on the Marathon (duh) short with the help of the super awesome Ashley from Australia. Don't tell her but she could have sold me anything with that accent!

The shorts have compression shorts built in!  Awesome. No chub run!  They retail for $55. Ouch!  Lucky I got the inspirational tank for free!

My loot!  Love the message too. Just a little harder, faster and stronger!

We got yummy eats from Tender Greens. The salad was awesome. Baby arugula with salami, oven roasted chickpeas and golden raisins in a golden balsamic dressing!  We also had the opportunity to try out some delicious fresh pressed juices retailing for $12 a bottle. Holy moly cow!  But warning, the green milk made out of almond milk and kale is addicting. 

BElieve in YOUrself!  Be You!  Get it?

It is funny I never do events like this and I did two in one week and Lorna Jane was the clear winner. They treated us like royalty and acted like they were the lucky ones that we were there. I felt like Athleta could have cared less. 

I am madly in love with my tank and my shorts and I can't wait until I get a coupon or win the lottery and buy myself a whole wardrobe. 

Lorna Jane has a fan for life in SD Mom!  And guess what?  There is one super close to me at the North County Fair mall. May have to make a visit. My birthday IS in July!

Do you have any LJ gear?  How about Athleta?  Have you had positive or negative experiences with customer service at either location?  

As always, I wish you Happy Feet, 
SD Mom


  1. What a fun day! Super active wear, good food, friends. What more could you ask for?! :-)

  2. Fun! That's one downside of living in a small town, you don't have fun events like that.

  3. Lorna Jane is so pricey! It seems higher than Lululemon OR Athleta. I've gone in a few times and gone right back out again.