Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rock n Roll Half Marathon San Diego - Recap!

June 1, 2014!  Rock n Roll Half sponsored by Suja!

Alarm set: 2:45 a.m.  Left house by 3:20 to go pick up my high school friend Natalie (who thanks to Facebook I have reconnected with) staying at a hotel in Mission Valley.  Parked car at the Hilton Bay Front by 4:25 and on the shuttle by 4:45 a.m.!!!

Early wake up calls are why I ALWAYS lay out my clothes (please note that there are no knee socks in sight = middle of the San Diego heat)

and my nutrition 

the night before!  Nothing like getting to a start line in the pitch dark!

I also saw my favorite sign of the race!

My friend Marsha met up with us in her super cute Colorblock RunningSkirt!  

And then I had my first ever tweet up!  I didn't know but now I know.  A Tweet Up is when you meet someone you have talked to on Twitter in real life!  This is Mike Bell, a retired federal agent marathoner!  

And since our 20 year high school reunion is coming up, Natalie and I and to take a picture!  Did I mention it was Natalie's first Half?  Ever?!

And then we met up with my friend Jen!  I love having running friends!  Such positive energy surrounding me!

And let me tell you about these two!  April and Christina met thru our local SD chapter of Moms Run This Town and have trained diligently for this Half and they kicked butt!  Look at those super cute skirts!  You can get skirts like them here.

As you know from reading this blog, I am super speedy!  NOT!  Ha ha!  But I wanted to be just so I could be in Meb's corral!  "Corral Meb."  Oh and tickets to the gun show.  Or suns out, guns out?  You pick!

And even though I was in Corral 17, I ended up running with 19.  Go figure!

And then, here was the course.  I didn't take any pictures on the course.  Bad blogger but I was disappointed with the lack of bands on the Half course.  But there was so much wonderful crowd support!  People with mimosas, tequila shots, jugglers!  Oh my!  Here is a snap shot of the course elevation:

Look closely!  See that blip at 8.4 miles?  The big spike?  That sucked!  So much so that my right hamstring started cramping and it was right about the time the weather decided to skyrocket (okay in the 70's) and my PR pace hopes were dashed.  But overall, it was a good course and I would consider doing it again because of the PR possibility.  

And then Natalie, first timer Natalie, ran a 2:10!  Her first time!  Speedy lady!  Then headed over to Petco Park for the beer garden sponsored by Michelob Ultra but had to stop and grab some giveaway Suja!  $8.99 a bottle?!  I will get it free when I can!

The two Suja bottles posing at Petco!  The Apple Pineapple Lemon flavor was delicious!  I haven't tried the other one yet.

But before we headed over for the beer, I had to stop and get my bag from gear check.  They had UPS trucks lined up for this purpose both at the start to collect and then at the finish to dispense.  I made my Vega Recovery in the bottle and drank my chocolate milk and ate my banana.  I expect a speedy recovery!  LOL!

But then, when we did make it to the Beer Garden, guess who I run into but Stuft Mama herself, Kristin!  Look how cute she is and look how awful my hair is!

I ran out to meet Jennifer who was hanging with her family at beautiful Petco Park!  Go Padres!

I will never get sick of showing off my medal!

Then I took the bridge back over to the Hilton (I did NOT climb the stairs, I took the elevator!), collected my car and headed home.  And made these Ginger Beergaritas, because, gosh darn it, I deserved them!

My final thoughts on this race:
1.  Yes, it is mostly a downhill or a flat course BUT the hills sneak up on ya.  Warning: Hill at 8.4!
2.  Not as many bands as you would expect.  I counted 6.  There were more in Carlsbad!
3.  The weather will get you every time.  Go in expecting a hot humid race and maybe you will be pleasantly surprised.
4.  The race organizers were SUPER organized.  There were no delays anywhere.  
5.  The crowd support is the best I have EVER seen.  People are lined up on the streets.  You never feel lonely!
6.  Want to run another iconic SD race?  Sign up for the Beer Run on August 23rd and tell them the Blogger community sent you!
7.  Enter the Beastie giveaway from Rumble Roller here.

No Trader Joe's Post today.  I couldn't move off the couch so SD Dad had to go for me!

As always, I wish you, Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. One of my favorites was MC Hammer cheering us on (around mile 2?). The lights in the tunnel (mile 12?) was pretty cool, also, and new this year.

  2. I had the same experience with the rock and roll half in st. louis. The crowd support was awesome but the bands were few and far between. I am kind of glad I did bring my head phones with just in case that happened.

  3. AWESOME recap!!! I should add this race to my bucket list-- it sounds fun and I like that there's a lot of downhill (same as NYC but the hills in the park are a little tough!)