Wednesday, May 6, 2015

#ThursdayTriumph Debut and YES, I will run another Marathon!

I am so so so excited to bring you the GRAND debut of the #ThursdayTriumph linkup with two of my very favorite Bloggers / Blends!  (Blend = Blogger Friend)  Linzie, Carlee and I wanted a day to bring you the joys and triumphs of being a runner and wanted to hear all your stories too!  So a link up.  So every Thursday, we will host this link up so we can share our stories of Triumph and you can share your stories of Triumph with us too!

Quick introductions to my awesome co-hosts!  First, Linzie.  His own description of his BlogA blog dedicated to running, endurance sports, motivation, encouragement, and fun! Find your strength and unlock your potential.  And believe me when I tell you, he puts FUN into everything he does!

Next up is Carlee!  She is hands down the most positive person I know.  If there are 99 negative ways to look at a situation and only 1 positive way, she will find and elect that positive way!  Oh and she is also a FREAKINGFANTASTIC runner!  

I am a lucky girl to be linked up with these two!  

Now on to the Triumph portion of this post!  We all know I ran my first Marathon in Phoenix in February.  My time was 5:25 with an asthma attack.  We also know I didn't catch my breath fully until I was headed back to San Diego.  You can read all about my experiences here.  

So why is this post about a Triumph?  Because I know, I just KNOW I have a sub-5 hour marathon in me!  And in typical SD Mom fashion, not only have I signed up for one Marathon, I have signed up for 2.  So you will get a lot more #SDMomMarathonTraining posts from me!

So which Marathons will I be doing?  Well, remember how much I loved the Revel Canyon City Half Marathon?  Well, I decided to sign up for the Full this year!  

The elevation profile is a little daunting with all the downhill but I.  Will.  Survive!  With the help of a few special friends - okay a team of almost 200 SoCal Moms Run This Town members!  And because I can't leave well enough alone, when I heard that the LA Marathon would be in February in 2016 (increasing the odds of good cool weather for this iconic Marathon), I early registered!  Again with my Marathon besties - Jamye and Jenn!

Registration will reopen on September 1st!  

I am going to do a few things differently this time(s) around.  Here they are in no particular order:

1.  Do Boot Camp every single week!
2.  Run Hills
3.  Do Tempo runs
4.  Get a massage every week
5.  Eat better
6.  Hire a coach to create a training plan for me and just me to get me thru the next 9 months.  And who better than my BRF and favorite Coach Jenn of Sole Health and Wellness!  She will have some challenges.

   -  I can only run 1 hour MAX during the week
   -  I do Boot Camp every week
   -  I want to fit in 2 20 mile runs and 1 22 miler before Canyon City
   -  I need to do a TON of downhill running!
   -  I will need to taper for CC then reverse taper and then ramp back up for LA Marathon.

Phew!  Now that I have said all that, I hope you will all share your Triumph posts every week with us!  Use hashtag #ThursdayTriumph so we can find you on social media!  Use the link tool below.  For this week, there will be no rules and you can link up all your posts.  But going forward, here are the Rules:

1. Linzie, Carlee and I will start the LinkUp Post every Wednesday night by 11:59 EST. It will be hosted here, on SharpEndurance and on CarleeMcDot. You can link up your posts any day of the week but the most common day to do so is Thursday. The post can be about any TRIUMPH in your life! Each linkup will be open for one week only.

2. Entries that are not associated with a POST or just linked to your homepage will be deleted. 

3. Link back to Running with SD Mom, Sharp Endurance & Carlee McDot so others can add their link up and find others too! You can use the above graphic if you'd like! Use #ThursdayTriumph so we can find you.
4. MOST IMPORTANT: You MUST visit the person's blog who linked up directly before you and leave them a motivating comment and share their POST. This is the most important part of the linkup. We want lots of links and we want to help each other out. This is MANDATORY! 
5. Void where prohibited.

Can't wait to hear about your Triumphs every week!  Any tips for me with my new Marathon challenge?

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. So excited you asked me to link up with you two! You both ROCK MY SOCKS!! And I am BEYOND thrilled you have decided to tackle the marathon distance again! ABSOULTE ROCKSTAR!!

    1. I will need LOTS of moral support! I have a feeling...

  2. happy to link up with y'all! props on the weekly boot camp goal - the first time i tried a boot camp it kicked my ass so hard i was like PLEASE SIR CAN I HAVE ANOTHER! i'm trying to find a studio that offers boot camp closer to where i live, because that stuff is great for runners! congrats on setting your marathon goals!

  3. So happy that you decided to run not one, but two more marathons! Excited to follow you on your journey again :)

  4. That's so great you are going back for more marathons! And a great linkup

    1. I might be crazy but that is a compliment to runners right?

  5. woot woot! excited for you and excited to follow your training. i'm chasing a sub 5 marathon as well! :)

    1. We will cheer each other on from opposite coasts!

  6. Wow, 2 marathons! Wow!

    Great idea for a link up!

  7. so exciting! I also pre-registered for the LAM.After 2 horrible years (last year was hot and they ran out of gatorade after mile 2 and this year was just the 90 degree weather where i got heat exhaustion in cramps at mile 21 and watched the sub-5 marathon just slowly slip away) and am hoping for a better experience all around!

  8. Massage every week! Can we trade lives??

  9. I love this! I hope to join your awesome new linkup in the coming weeks!

  10. Looking forward to linking up next week! YAY! Love this!