Monday, May 11, 2015

#WeekendUpdate - A new gym, an Ultra race and Mother's Day!

Happy Day after Mother's Day!  Someone please tell me why it is not on a Saturday?!  Then we could call it Mother's Day WEEKEND!

Okay, that said, as always, I am linking up with Tara at Running n Reading in her weekend update linkup!

Through Yelp North San Diego, I have the awesome opportunity to use a 30 day gym membership to one of the coolest gyms around!  Fit Athletic Club San Diego!  I get to use it like I belong to it.  So, on Friday, I snuck in an early morning gym session and let me tell you, they have some pretty awesome machines.  Including quad and hamstring stretch machines!  I am taking a class called "Chiseled" tomorrow morning before work.  Wish me luck.  You can follow along with #YelpsFitClub2015

I also had the AMAZING opportunity to crew for my dearest Coach Jenn for the #PCT50.  Yes folks, that lady ran 50 miles on Saturday!  Who does that??  More on that in the Thursday Triumph post but here are a couple pics for a sneak peek!

Look at these views!!!

Jenn (above - middle) was tough as nails!  Jamye and I were just along for the ride!

Saw a snowman.  In San Diego.  In May.

Ate some watermelon.  The end!  Haha!

And finally, I hope you all had a great Mother's Day!  We ate at Vintana as usual.  It is our favorite special occasion spot in San Diego.  But the best part?  My grandma from India was there so we got to take the 4 generation picture!

I promise!  She doesn't hate us!  Maybe it was the sun?

So tell me about your weekend!

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. Love the picture with four generations, how special !

  2. Beautiful family photo! And I'd love to hear more about crewing/supporting at an utra!

  3. What a special photo of four generations. What is the Yelp Fit Club? Sounds cool!

  4. I crewed for a 50 miler a couple summers ago. Crazy, right? But yes the scenery was amazing. Yay for spending Mother's Day with your granny! Seriously what is up with that snowman??

  5. I'm all for changing Mother's Day to a whole weekend. You should start a petition! I will sign it

  6. Cute little snowman, I love sd!!! It was my boyfriend's birthday on Friday so it was a celebration weekend. My mother lives in another state so... No mothers day celebration here!

  7. So cool that your grandma was there!

    That snowman looks a little sad. I don't expect he'll last long :-(

  8. How did that snowman get there? Love the generation pix!

  9. That's hilarious that you found a snowman! I'm shocked that there's still snow! I also love that the race was handing out watermelon at the finish line! Now that's my type of post run snack!

  10. Ahhh, yelp. I'm so sad that I still haven't been able to attend a single yelp elite event! ;_; (Someday...)

    Looks like you had a super fun weekend! <3 (I'm mystified as to how that snowman can still exist. o_o)

  11. Sounds like an awesome weekend. Snow?! In San Diego? I guess I forget about the mountains out there!

  12. Love your family photo !! I miss my mum but she won't be persuaded to come visit me just now.