Friday, September 18, 2015

#FriendshipFridays - How I met My Best Friend #5

Have you seen the newish feature on the blog?  I started a new feature on this here little blog called #FriendshipFridays.  It is really simple.  Running isn't about exercise and fitness only anymore.  It is about being social and finding a community. For example, see We Run Social!  Bloggers get to know other bloggers and become besties and I want to explore how that happens by interviewing different people. So sit back and enjoy the stories of these Blends (Blogger Friends)!

This time, we are talking to Maggie at Mama Maggie's Kitchen!   This is another story on how social media can bring you LOVE!

You know that couple you read about and you wish they were your friends?  Well, that is how I feel about Maggie and Christopher.  They have an undeniable connection that just flies off the photographs and her words!

Maggie used to do cooking shows via Google+/ YouTube, and Dr. Christopher Vogelmann was a fan. He saw one of her wine reviews and shared it on his stream. As common social media courtesy, you thank the person who shared your post. That started a conversation. 

Soon, they became friends and talked everyday. They had never met, but he was the person Maggie told everything to. They were best friends, living on opposite coasts. Maggie loved Christopher's sense of humor, and how he got her. 

Endless Google chat messages about everything under the sun. Maggie had never "met" anyone who complimented her so well, and yet, they had never met in person. As you can imagine, there is more to this story. He had a girlfriend, and Maggie had a boyfriend. One day, Christopher was in town for a conference. They met for chicken wings at a sports bar with one of his friends. It was instant chemistry. 

The next day, Christopher returned to DC and broke up with his girlfriend. Maggie broke up with her boyfriend. Their connection was and is undeniable. Christopher came back to San Diego for a visit on Maggie's birthday. He soon changed his flight and never left. 

They got married on Feb. 22... and lived happily ever after. 

Maggie says they are crazy!  I think they are crazy about each other.  Even their wedding theme was FUN! A taco stand, DJ, dancing, mariachi, a Darth Vader piñata.  They gave out lottery tickets as wedding favors, even their vows were hilarious. You can hear them on this post:

And for more of their FUN day, here is their wedding video!

You can follow along with Maggie and her love affair with Christopher on her Blog.  Best of all, Maggie is a food and wine blogger so you KNOW you want to keep a close eye on her twitter feed: @MaggieUnz and Christopher's twitter: @DrVogelmann!

Wasn't this a fun story?  I love that you can find love anywhere and social media gets you there!

If you and your blog bestie or love want to be featured, email me at

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. What a fun idea!! I love hearing Maggie's story - it's so crazy how social media can bring so many people together!! :)

  2. When Christopher let me have the last chicken wing, I knew it was the real deal. :) To top it all off, my Little Red loves his Dad 2. I love our #EpicLoveStory Thank you for the feature.