Monday, November 23, 2015

#SilverStrandHalf Recap and @WeRunSocial Meetup!

Better late than never right?  I am sorry it took me so long to get my act together and post my recap of one of the most fun mornings I have had in a long time!  Let me back up!  When Pavey suggested that San Diego be a part of the famed #SD2LV line up, I jumped at the chance to help out on the San Diego portion of the challenge.  He selected Silver Strand and we all ran with it!  (see what I did there?)  Brian, Carlee and David were actually running the Silver Strand Half in the morning and the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half in the evening!  Amazing right?  Tara, Kristin and I were just along for the fun ride!

First things first.  The outfit!  Well, since this was going to be a We Run Social meet up, I had to rep the gear!  And even more awesome?  Pro Compression and WRS collaborated for the awesome BOOM socks pictured below!  (available at  – use code WRS for 40% off the WRS BOOM sock until the end of the month, and free shipping within the U.S.).  Thankfully, Spandits now has plain black (Abyss) and I was able to be super comfy as always!  I also decided not to run with any water so I wore a "fanny pack."  OOH and my Sparkle Athletic visor so I could match Carlee's Sparkle Athletic skirt!

The always awesome Tara and her husband Byron picked us up at the finish and took us to the start.  I recommend this option.  If you can find friends nice enough to do this, park at the finish and get a ride to the start.  When we got to the start line in Coronado, we headed to the Port A pottys.  Silly me thought it would be a good idea to hand my phone to Brian.  And awesome selfies ensued!  Like this one!

Or this one with floating heads!

Or Brian and Kristin!

After the potty break, I met up with my Moms Run this Town San Diego mamas for a group picture!  Love these women!

Setting up for a girls picture waiting on @stuftmama!

So we decided to go for it!  

Ah, there is Kristin!

And the entire We Run Social crew!  Brian, Kristin, Me, Carlee and David!  In those awesome socks!

My sweet Tara and me in our matching visors!  Quick tip: Take an old throwaway sweatshirt and cut it right down the middle so it is a breeze to take off and won't interfere with the race timing chips.

Ready to hit the Start line.  No major corrals but they did have pacers so you could line up that way. I was doing the 10 miler and Tara was doing the Half.  They stick together until a weird loop at the end.

Sorry for the dark picture but this is a Taiko Drummer!

The views were awesome!

This is where you would park if you opted for the shuttle.

Belly dancers at the top of the "hill" on the course.  (Elevation gain of 29 feet)

Here is the split between the Half and 10 miler and where I said bye to Tara.  It comes at about mile 8.5.

I felt pretty good running this race keeping in mind I ran a tough marathon course the week before.  Still I managed a sub-2 hour 10 miler.  My legs felt decent thanks to the awesome training from Coach Jenn.  Here are the awesome medals!

And the We Run Social crew showing off our medals!

Carlee, Brian and David would definitely need these Showerpills for the flight!  You can get them for yourself and use code WIPEDOWN for 15% off!

Then Kristin and I headed to my car (we carpooled!) and enjoyed a post run cocktail of Vega Recovery Accelerator.  She had apple berry and I had tropical.  Vega is having an awesome sale right now with 25% off and free shipping.  

And I had to rush home because my beautiful S was having a swim party to celebrate her 6th birthday!

This was a super fun morning!  Make sure to look for more We Run Social meet ups near you.  If you are local to San Diego, rumor has it that there will be one before the Carlsbad Half / Marathon.  So stay tuned!

Have you become part of We Run Social yet?  All you have to do is start using #werunsocial and follow all of their social channels: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. Love reading this recap Smitha! Thanks for sharing it. I had a blast. Next time, our stay must be long enough for a SD brew! Awesome tip about cutting the sweatshirt for easy on/off!

  2. You guys are so awesome! Can't wait to run something, we'll anything with you all! I may always be the whip though, since distance kinda sorta kicks my butt. Well running in general, but I love it!

  3. Looks ike a blast! I'm really looking forward to the Carlsbad Half! Hopefully, I'll be able to meet up with you then. You're such an inspiration! :)

    1. You are so sweet! Yes please! The meet up will ha[[en in the afternoon so you can grab your bib and head over to the meet up. Stay tuned!

  4. OMG! Two ladies that mean the world to me. When do we all get to hang and sip Recovery Accelerator together?

    1. That would be a BLAST! You made me hard!

  5. Ooooooh it looks like you all had a blast!!! Next year maybe I'll make it out to run with you guys!!! <3

  6. This looks like so much fun! But wow, those clouds! Did it rain?

    1. No rain but the weather was perfect for running!