Friday, April 1, 2016

#FridayFascinations: Friday Food Finds

Woot woot!  It's April Fools Day!  I had yesterday off work.  Anyone know why? If you guessed Cesar Chavez Day, you are correct!  It is the one day in the year that my husband and I both have off and kids are in school.  So we usually plan a day date but this year, I chose to volunteer in my kids' school because I never get to do that!

I am here to tell you about 6 products I love and 1 not so much!

1.  Belicious

Yes, Belicious is another food in a pouch company.  But it isn't like all the other ones.  It is 100% organic and not sweet.  It is actually food with fiber and grains.  It tastes like really thick soup.  Each pouch of belicious contains 2 full servings of fruits/veggies (the WHOLE food, not just the juice), 7g of whole grains, and over 1,200mg of Omega-3-Fatty Acids.  In addition, this nutrient packed snack is a great source of fiber, as well as lots of important vitamins and minerals.  It is shelf stable for 12 months and only contains lemon juice as a preservative.

2.  Chobani Mighty Oats

It is just like any greek yogurt but with raisins, oats, pumpkin seeds and more.  Delish!  And with 10g of protein, up to 10g of whole grains and as much dietary fiber as a packet of instant oatmeal, there’s a hearty gluten-free breakfast in every cup.

3.   Enjoy Life Snickerdoodles

I had the JOY of discovering this gluten free brand at the Gluten Free Allergy expo I went to last month.  I miss cookies now that I am GF.  But these?  You can't even tell.  They taste like ginger molasses cookies and are soft and chewy.  And 100% delicious!  I need to run out and buy another box!  Even my non- GF family fought me for the last one!  I buy mine at Sprouts.

4.  Burger Bench Diablo Burger (salad style)

On Easter Sunday, we tried out a new place with our friends in Escondido, CA.  Escondido is about 30 miles North of San Diego proper.  Their Diablo burger was AMAZE!  A patty of chorizo on top of a patty of beef, grilled peppers, cream cheese, cheddar, arugula, tomato, jalapenos, house chipotle aioli in a lettuce bowl.  And trifle parmesan fries on the side.  YUMMMMMMM!!!!  I totally recommend it if you enjoy a good burger!  (Sarah, if you are reading this, let's meet there with our people!)

5.  Better Buzz Honey Latte

I have written about this before and I am sorry but I have to tell you about it again.  It is delicious.  I doesn't taste like burnt espresso like some coffee places I won't mention.  It is smooth with a subtle honey flavor.  You need this coffee in your life.  They have tons of locations including Point Loma, Encinitas and Pacific Beach.  Another reason San Diego rocks!

6.  Califia Farms Dirty Chai Cold Brew Coffee

This one is another good coffee and is available at Target.  No dairy but tastes like a chai latte with the caffeine kick of a cold brew coffee.  It is awesome to grab on the go.  It felt like I was getting a fancy coffee drink and in fact, I poured it into a glass and drank it with a straw.  I am all fancy like that!

Okay, so I don't bore you to death with all the things I loved, I will share with you one thing form the week I didn't love.  I promised Jenn I would!


Sweet Erica sent me a care package last week and it contained this gum.  I chewed it but then couldn't hang on.  It is SUPER bitter and tastes like caffeine without the fun of coffee.  It wasn't for me but it may still be for you.  You have to try everything at least once right?

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Okay, so have you tried any of the above?  Tell me about some new product I should try and one I totally shouldn't!

I am off to race in Carlsbad 5000 this weekend - the Fastest 5K!  Can't wait to see all my favorites and party with them for 3.1 miles at a time!  Can't wait to hear what you all recommend foodie finds wise!

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. Drooooling over that Diablo burger! It really does look amaze! Thanks so much for linking up <3

  2. The US always has so many more unique food options than Canada. Definitely jealous of some of those

  3. Enjoy Life is awesome! They are free from all the major allergens, which means I can eat them! Sometimes I horse down those snickerdoodles in one sitting. They have a lot of tasty bars too, and chocolate chips...which get eaten by the handful....

  4. I have never heard of run gum. I never run with gum anyways so I don't think I'd like that. And from what you said about it sounds like I'm not missing out.

  5. Enjoy Life is one of the best brands!! I don't know how I feel about the run gum...

  6. I've never had cold brew coffee! Seems like it's a thing so I need to try it

  7. I eat that Chobani all the time. It tends to keep me a little more satisfied!

    Guess that run gum isn't worth a try ;) Thanks for sparing us all!

  8. We love Burger Bench! I actually drove past Better Buzz in Point Loma Friday. If only I'd read your post first! I ended up at Con Pane for their butterscotch latte.

  9. I love Enjoy Life but I haven' seen the cookies before. Thanks for the tip!

  10. I'm interested in trying one of those cold brews!! I'm not very adventurous when it comes to coffee...