Monday, April 25, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide Part II: My Wishlist!

Hi Friends!  As you know, Mother's Day is right around the corner on May 8 so you don't have much time left to shop for the Mother in your life.  Last week, I did a Gift Guide based on items I already own and love.  This time, I am bringing you my Wishlist Mother's Day Gift Guide!

Feel free to use my ideas for the Mother in your life or tell my kids!  These are the gifts I want and don't have!

1.  Prince: The Hits / The B-Sides ($30)

We will start with the one that I recently added to this list.  As you may know (unless you have been living under a rock!), Prince passed away last week at the young age of 57.  I was devastated as were legions of his fans from around the globe.  A truly remarkable talent that transcended generations and cultures.  I realize how much impact his songs have had on me and how I can relate a time or event in my life to almost all of his songs!

Probably my favorite Prince songs of all time are Thunder, 7 and Gett Off.  So good.  His talent will be sorely missed and I would love to have this collection of his greatest hits in one spot!

I try to get a new bathing suit every summer and I love the way that prAna lets you mix and match the top and bottom.  They have a bunch of different styles you can put together.  And really fun patterns.  I love this green print and I think it would be perfect for the summer of 2016!

 3.  Twinkle Twinkle Lil' Jar ($25)

Ever since I saw this company on Instagram, I have been wanting to get myself one of these sparkly glittery tumblers.  How fun are they?!  They have so many fun designs and they are dipped in gold!  Won't this be a really fun gift for a Mom who shines?  And they have coffee mugs dipped in gold and even little kid sippys!

4.  Pro Compression Elite Socks in Neon Blue ($55 - code 40FB for 40% off)

But Smitha - how many pairs of socks do you really need?!  SDDad, is that you?  Yeah but teal.  And the elites are awesome.  They have enhanced calf support, targeted padding in the heel and toe and no toe seam.  Perfection.  hey also come in pink and black but THESE!  Neon Blue?  NEED!  WANT!

Have you heard of this company?  They use US Geological Society data and mold famous mountains form each state into the bottom of the glass.  This is Half Dome from Yosemite and is a to scale model molded into the bottom of this glass.  Pretty cool right?  So if you have a mama beer drinker in your life, this is a pretty cool pint glass to have!  Maybe keep it in mind for Father's Day.

You know my friend Robin over at Knead to Cook?  She is an ambassador for Lucy Active and I think she is rad so I started paying close attention to lucy stuff and I am in LOVE with this tank.  The back of the tank says, "Not a Fighter."  And that bright sapphire blue goes with everything and proudly exclaims you are a runner!

7.  Tickets to Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach

Okay, so I technically already have these as a gift from dear SDDad for Christmas but this event has been on my bucket list for so long that I can't quite believe it.  Have you ever heard of it?  It is a grand event where people act out scenes from famous paintings -  everything from the column to the animals.  Famous paintings brought to life.  I am going in July and I can't even stand it!  And it will be awesome to have a night away with just me and husband.

My sister is getting married this summer. I don't know if I told you all that before.  That means lots of events this summer.  I think this dress would be PERFECT for a shower!  Summery with the perfect coral/aqua combo in colors.  I do want to find a coupon code or get it on super sale, so let me know if you see a good BR deal, please!

Did you know that after 3 marathons, I STILL don't have a 26.2 sticker for my car?  So maybe I should get a sticker first before I get this tank but look how cute!  And it even comes in purple.  They have so much cute stuff.  I am crushing on their red, white and blue RUN trucksr hat too.  Go check out all their stuff!

10.  Race Entry and Travel to Rock n' Roll Dublin (yes, Ireland!) 1/2 Marathon (priceless)

Some people want to run Boston as their dream race.  Me?  I want to travel to a country I have never been and run a race there.  What better way to see a city or a country than on foot?  13.1 miles at a time?  If someone wanted to gift me travel to Dublin, that would be amazing!  And it is on August 7 which would make it an awesome getaway for mine and SDDad's anniversary!  Any takers?

And there you have it.  My wish list for Mother's Day 2016!  I seriously have so much that any one of these items would be icing on the cake.  All I really want for Mother's Day is some quality time with my family, including my mom and a smooth move to our new house!  

What on this list caught your eye?  Anything you are desperate for this year?  Maybe comment with it below and someone is watching...

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. What if I just kept all of this for myself???

    1. Didn't you learn anything in pre-school? Haha

  2. Loving your list! I need to get that pint glass for hubby for father's day. The prAna tankini is beautiful!

  3. Such a great talk to me about compression socks. I get overheated easily so the thought of wearing long socks while running scares me, and yet I am pretty sure it would help with my legs, right?!

    1. I was wondering the same. I've never tried compression socks.

    2. Here is a post I did on the topic with links:

  4. I love the Price shout out. So sad. :(

    Annnnnd I completely forgot it's Mother's day. Oops! Thank you for this!!!

  5. When you go to Pageant of the Masters, mane sure you save some time for the Sawdust Festival across the street first.

  6. Adorable dress and I think it would look perfect on you!