Thursday, April 28, 2016

#SupportTheGirls: SheFit Sports Bra Review!

Disclaimer: I was sent a SheFit Sports Bra for review purposes.  I was not compensated in any other way!  All opinions are my own.

Big chested girls!  Gather around!  Men, probably a good idea to skip this post!  Spoiler Alert: Best BRA ever!

First of all, when a company uses the slogan, "When life gives you boobs, get SHEFIT," you know they will be awesome!

What makes SheFit better than any other bra out there?  It is 100% completely adjustable.  Shoulder straps, front zip and most impressive, a back strap.  For frame (haha) of reference, I wear a 34DD or E sports bra.

The front straps are completely adjustable meaning it would be perfect for a nursing mother runner.  

The back strap is totally adjustable too meaning you can get a customized fit on top, front and back making sure the girls stay in place while you run!

And I don't know about you large chested women, but I have had a tough time with finding pretty solid colors in bigger sizes.  SheFit comes in the pink seen above, black and a really pretty blue I must have.  Check out the colors here.

This video goes thru all the steps to help you figure out what size works for you and how to put the thing on.  It seems pretty cumbersome at first but it's easy once you understand.  It is completely adjustable meaning you can wear it with an H strap or X-back.  From their website:

• Personalized Support: Supportive fit so personalized, it’s your bra, your way
• Patented Adjustability: A perfect fit regardless of height, cup size, or body type
• Custom Rib Fit: Reduces instability with over 8” of adjustability in bust band
• No Roll Shelf: 2” bust band creates secure shelf that will never stretch out or roll
• Vertical Lift: 1” Non-Stretch straps with over 15” of custom adjustability
• Custom Strap Adjustments: Set a personalized level of support, high or low impact
• Two-Way Wear: Choose between X-Back & H-Back™ shoulder strap configuration
• Compression & Encapsulation: Perfect support & a flattering bust shape
• Front-Zip: Easy zip in and out; no need to be a contortionist anymore
• Performance Wicking: Fabrics pull moisture away from the skin
• Removable Pads: Easily remove, or retain for modesty
• Set It & Forget It: Adjust the fit based on your activity or desired support
• Easy Care: Wash & wear

    And did you know that they were picked up by Shark Tank?  You know it has to  be good and they totally believe in this product!  Those Sharks don't give their money to anyone!  You wear this bra and you will have to go thru life with the same warning sign I do!

    Caution: HOT!  

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    So tell me ladies, have you found a bra you love as much as this one?  How about you larger chested ladies?

    As always, I wish you Happy Feet (and boobs), 
    SD Mom


    1. Ok, you sold me. I'll look into it for my next sports bra.

    2. I need happy boobs!!!! I wear the same size as you- the zipper front isn't tough? I tried one on at VS and it literally took 2 of us to zip the damn thing up- ugggg

    3. I like that the back is adjustable. There is nothing worse than taking one off where you can not loosen it or unattach it first. I've often felt like I would dislocate a shoulder trying to get it off after a run!

    4. I just saw this on Shark Tank yesterday! Cool to see a real-world product review :)