Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Fascinations: 5 Things I am LOVING this week!

We made it to Friday which means this weekend will be all the Halloween parties!  My S is also going to 2 birthday parties this weekend so as always, it will be a busy one!  We are almost to November and I have 5 things I want to tell you about!  Let's get to it!

1.  This recipe for Crispy Roasted Tofu from In Jennie's Kitchen

My son and I love tofu and this is such a fun way to make it.  Makes it really versatile and you can use it anything.  The marinade is soy sauce (gluten free), dijon mustard and maple syrup!   TRUST!

2.  This shirt from 73Threads

I know they have other state versions but I loved this one and bought it for my husband for his birthday.

The 73Threads shirts are so soft!  Use code sdmom for 10% off!

3.  This contest I entered to raise money for Epilepsy
The premise is you design a t-shirt and whose ever design wins, the charity of their choice gets up to $10,000 and of course, I am raising money for Epilepsy.  Will you please go vote here?  What a great cause!

4.  This Red Ace Organics Beet Juice

I started drinking these just today so not sure how it effects me yet but it is a really cool concept.  Drink the equivalent of 3 beets a day.  Supposed to have all sorts of great benefits including lowering blood pressure.  Stay tuned!

5.  And finally, MEB!

I had the chance to run the FitFoodie5K in San Diego and it was an awesome race with even more awesome scenery!  But the best part was meeting Meb after the race.  I highly recommend this race to everyone!  Worth traveling in for too.  The views are amazing.

And the swag even better!

And free photos!

Today, I am linking up with Nicole for Fit & Fashionable Friday, Heather for Friday Favorites, Annmarie for Foodie Friday and Jill for Fitness, Health & Happiness Link-Up! 

So tell me something you are loving this week!  

As always, I wish you Happy Feet, 
SD Mom


  1. Roasted tofu is one of my faves too and who doesn't love free race photos?!

  2. Can I also recommend craftbeerd for M? They're my favorite local beer paraphernalia company.

  3. MEB!! So cool! I also LOVE the unicorn top! Have a great weekend!

  4. So cool you got to meet Meb!!! And I am really curious to hear how the beet juice works! :)

  5. Yay for tofu! I'm going to have to try that recipe out too! :] I've never tried beet juice before...but kinda curious now! :P

  6. Is that "Will Run For Food" a sticker? I would totally rock that sticker!

  7. Food, photos, and Meb? Sounds like a great race!