Friday, April 18, 2014

A Quickie at PT and a Sick Kid!

So those of you who know me are sick to death of me whining about my hip but please, allow me to whine a little more.  Today was my 3rd visit to Sheila, my physical therapist.  Long story short, I am kind of a mess.  Starting with my left foot's hyper mobility to my super tight IT Band, I am a mess.  But she thinks all my problems start with my foot.  She even says I stand wrong.  So here is a quick run thru of my visit today...

First things first...she has me lay on this bed to check my flexibility and strength in each hip.

 As uncomfortable as it looks!

After once again remarking that my internal hip rotation on my left side is weak, she said maybe moleskin in my shoe would help.  


She added it on to my shoe right under my arch to create stability for my left big toe.  

What is Moleskin?  Read here.

And another thing - people are always asking me about my shoes.  No, they are not orthotics or orthopedic shoes but they are specially designed for runners by New Balance.  It is a line called Aravon by New Balance.  You can get them here.  There is cushioning in the mid foot with an athletic shoe insole to provide maximum shock absorption.

Then she has me roll out my SUPER TIGHT IT band!  HOLY MOLY COW!  That hurts.  I have more trigger points in that IT Band than I care to admit.

A pillow case for sanitary reasons?

Here is a picture of the Beast Master Physical Therapist herself - She selflessly inflicts pain!


Then comes the hardest part.  I have to stand straight in front of the mirror to make sure my alignment is right.  Why is this so hard?  Because my right side is SO much stronger than my left.  I have a tendency to lean into my right hip when I am standing.  Excuse my messy hair...I was laying down getting stretched.

This was seriously the hardest part.  No problems running but standing still and perfectly straight?  Get outta here!

After PT I headed home to S and her ear infection.  Wanted to get a good solid meal in her before nap.  She looks pretty happy with her spinach & feta eggs and she ate every bite.

Long run recap coming tomorrow.  I will be trying Energy Bits for the first time so full report to follow.

Has anyone ever been to PT?  Tried Energy Bites?  Had your kid refuse to eat something because it has green stuff in it?

As always I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom

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