Sunday, April 13, 2014

Eating Hills for Breakfast - #doitfortara

Without too much detail, this has been a tough week.  The world lost a wonderful person to Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  A young generous mother of 4 who had the most giving heart.  After she was diagnosed, she spent her time and effort creating a foundation to help those diagnosed too.  You can check it out here and read Tara's story in your own words.  Tara, you will be so missed but I know you are watching over all of us down here and guiding us right!

Tara & SD Mom in Coronado, September 2013

Fast forward to Sunday.  It was time to tackle that Torrey Pine Hill in prep for the La Jolla Half.  Now, for me and for most runners, hill running is a mental thing and boy, I had psyched myself up for this hill.  I was CONVINCED I could NOT do it!  Bad idea!

I arranged for a group of runners from the San Diego Chapter Moms Run this Town to "Meet the Hill!"  As the day grew closer, people dropped out.  Scared?  Time crunch?  I wanted to drop out too because of my fear.  But I kept thinking, "Do it for Tara!"  So my dear friend Mendy agreed to coach us "Hill Virgins" up Torrey Pines.  We met at Starbucks dressed in pink so we could spot each other!

Mendy & SD Mom ready to climb

Then we were off!  We started off with us 4 side by side up Camino Del Mar and after a slight wrong turn, we headed back up Coast Hwy toward Torrey Hill.  

View down below

About to hit the Hill with E & T
 And here we go...

Are we there yet????

 Made it!  Thank you Mendy!

Mendy was our coach up the hill and taught us how to race-walk.  I am not ashamed to admit that when it comes to hills, I am the slowest of the bunch.  But I learned a few things today.  That my mind quits way before my body.  My mind kept saying, "You can't do this!"  But my body kept on keeping on.  And Mendy kept telling me I could do it and at some point I believed it!  

I'm on top of the World!

At the top with T & E!

Then we saw flat land but that didn't last long!

E hitting the flat parts!

Althouh the flats didn't last long, some kind soul decided to provide us CRAZIES with water and potassium by way of bananas.  How sweet is that???

Mendy at the Banana / Water station

So when we were done, my first question was: How high did we go??  Answer:  HIGH!  Look at the course elevation!!  HOLY MOLY COW!

Course Elevation

I won't lie.  At times, I had to say, "Do it for Tara!"  And I think she was there with me helping me keep my head up, softening my steps and quickening / shortening my stride.  Thank you Tara.  As in life, you helped me thru yet another difficult challenge.

Route Map - portion of the LJ Half

And then just like childbirth, we were done and we forgot and "it wasn't so bad."  Really.  Back when I was a non-runner and I would hike it, that hill seemed interminable.  But this time, with good friends and encouragement, it was ok.  Not fun, not a walk in the park but ok.  

Back where we began and all done!

And where were SD Dad and S & D while all this was happening?  At Port of San Diego's Day at the Docks catching fish and doing fun stuff!

 D caught a fish, S thinks it's stinky!

Thank you SD Dad and S & D for letting me run.  For letting me find my happy pace.  You are my world!

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom

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