Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday GIVEAWAY Roundup!

Welcome to another edition of the Wednesday GIVEAWAY Roundup! I go looking for GIVEAWAYS around the web and put them in one place so you don't have to. As always, I am entering these GIVEAWAYS too! So here we go!

1.  As always, we begin with my fabulous GIVEAWAYS!  I have 2 for you this week.

First, I am giving away 2 bottles of WIN detergent to get the stink out of tech clothes.

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/13.  

I am also giving Skratch Labs hydration mix in 2 different flavors and a drink bottle as part of a Giveaway Blog Hop.

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/17.

2.  Kristy at Runaway Bridal Planner and the host of the "Thankful for My Followers Blog Hop" is giving away a $25 gift card to Amazon!

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/17.

3.   RunEatTweetAZ has a fun GIVEAWAY for you running the entire month of November in partnership with Fleet Feet Sports Scottsdale and Pocket Fuels.

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/30.  Winners will be selected every Friday in November.

They also have a Island Boost fuel GIVEAWAY on their Facebook page.

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/14.  

4.  Emily at Whatever Floats your Oats is giving away a sample of Energy Bits.

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/14.  

5.  Gloria at That SoCal Life is giving away a free entry to any US Spartan race.

Enter to win here.  Ends 12/2.

6.  Farrah at Fairy Burger is giving away a dozen silicon cupcake holders to 5 winners from venice Kitchen.

Enter to win here. Ends 11/16.

7.  Carmy is giving away 24 snack packs of popcorn to one lucky winner!

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/19.

8.  My dear friend Jenn at Run with Sole is also giving away Energy Bits this week.

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/14.

9.  Jamaica at RARAX3 is giving away her favorite beauty products from Korea!

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/16.

10.  Annmarie at The Fit foodie Mama is giving away Kickers powdered fruit blends.

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/12.

She is also giving away a seasonal smoothie package form Puritan's Pride.

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/20.

11.  Erica at Erica Finds has 3 GIVEAWAYS for you this week.

The first is part of the Giveaway Blog Hop for CEP compression socks and SOS hydrate mix.  

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/17.

She is also giving away WIN detergent!

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/18.

Finally, she is also giving away a Sampler of All Natural Products: Kuli Kuli Bars, Matcha on the go and Torie and Howard's Lemon Raspberry candies to 3 winners.

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/19.

12.  Kerri from From Lazy to Lady is hosting a raffle as part of Team Ronald McDonald in the Glass Slipper Challenge.

Find details and enter to win here.  Ends 1/30/15 (prizes drawn weekly until then)

13.  Brie at Lean Clean and Brie is giving away a seasonal smoothie package form Puritan's Pride.

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/20.

14.  Sharon at Mommy Runs It is giving away an Udderly Smooth prize pack!

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/16.  

15.  Nicole at Fitful Focus is giving away a smoothie prize pack from Puritan's Pride too!

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/19.

16.  Finally, Tricia at A Couple of Dashes is giving away a Sweaty Band as part of a Blog Hop as well.  Check it out.

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/17.

There you have it!  16 Bloggers, 21 Prizes, 1 Post.  Which ones will you enter??

And stay tuned for a HUGE GIVEAWAY coming your way in the Holiday Gift Guide.  Make sure you stay connected with me thru Twitter and Instagram to be the first to know!  All my favorites! 

Good Luck and as always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. Thanks so much again! :] Looking forward to checking out the rest!

  2. Thanks for sharing! It's actually a box of 24* Im sorry for not being clear!

  3. Great giveaways! I'm also hosting one over at my blog -- one reader can win a blog template for Blogger or a blog theme for WordPress :)

    1. You should be a part of the Roundup next time you have a Giveaway!

  4. Thanks for sharing my giveaway ^_^

    <3 Jamaica

  5. Thank you for another great round-up!