Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday GIVEAWAY Roundup!

Welcome to another edition of the Wednesday GIVEAWAY Roundup! I go looking for GIVEAWAYS around the web and put them in one place so you don't have to. As always, I am entering these GIVEAWAYS too! So here we go!

1.  As always, we start with my super awesome GIVEAWAY of the week and this week I bring you November's Smoothie Challenge GIVEAWAY from Puritan's Pride.

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/21.  Continental US only.

2.    RunEatTweetAZ has a fun GIVEAWAY for you running the entire month of November in partnership with Fleet Feet Sports Scottsdale and Pocket Fuels.

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/30.  Winners will be selected every Friday in November.

3.  Gloria at That SoCal Life is giving away a free entry to any US Spartan race.

Enter to win here.  Ends 12/2.

4.  Carmy is giving away 24 snack packs of popcorn to one lucky winner!

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/19.  ENDS TODAY!!!!

5.  Annmarie at Fit Foodie Mama giving away a seasonal smoothie package form Puritan's Pride.

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/20.

She is also giving away a 16 pack of mixed flavor Lara Bars!

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/26.  

6.  Kerri from From Lazy to Lady is hosting a raffle as part of Team Ronald McDonald in the Glass Slipper Challenge.

Find details and enter to win here.  Ends 1/30/15 (prizes drawn weekly until then)

7.  Brie at Lean Clean and Brie is giving away a seasonal smoothie package form Puritan's Pride.

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/20.

8.  Nicole at Fitful Focus is giving away a smoothie prize pack from Puritan's Pride too!

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/19.  Ends TODAY!

9.  My friend and fellow Spandits ambassador, Jen, has two GIVEAWAYS for you today.

She is giving away a Hands Free Hipster!

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/24.  

She is also giving away a You Saw Me Vest.

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/28.

10.  Erica from Erica Finds has 3 GIVEAWAYS for you this week.  

First, she is giving away a Sampler of All Natural Products: Kuli Kuli Bars, Matcha on the go and Torie and Howard's Lemon Raspberry candies to 3 winners.

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/19.

She is also giving away a 6 pack of Jessica's Natural Foods GF Granola.

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/25.

Finally, she is also giving away Marathon Fuel: Fuel for Fire Fuel Packs (Sampler) and Fuel 100 Electro-bites (Sampler).

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/30.

11.  Jamaica at RARAX3 is hosting Part 2 of her Thank You GIVEAWAY.

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/24.

12.  Jen at The Z Beat is giving away a Zumba themed prize pack.

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/28.  

13.  Kay Lynn at the Weight Chronicles and fellow America's Finest Fitness Bloggers (San Diego) member is giving away 2 full size bottles of WIN Detergent.  This stuff works!

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/23.

14.  Cassandra from Powered by Bling is giving away 2 packs of Kooee! snacks.

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/24.

15.  And finally, Lora from Lora Hogan is giving away DANG! chips.  YUM!

Enter to win here.  Ends 11/20.

And there you have it.  15 Bloggers.  19 Giveaways.  1 Post.  Which ones will you enter??  

And don't forget to sign up for the #FitFabFuelSwap going on right now!

Make new friends and get in the Holiday spirit with all your Blends!

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. Awesome. Thanks so much for putting this together. I am off to win big.

    1. Come back and let me know WHEN you do!

  2. I'm seriously DYING to get my hands on Puritan's Pride, can't wait for mine to arrive! ;)

    1. The Women's Whey for Her is delicious. Makes every smoothie taste like an Orange Julius!