Monday, January 18, 2016

#MedalMonday: Carlsbad Half Marathon Recap & 20 Miler

Hi Friends!  A big thanks to Ultima and Running Center for providing me with a free entry for the Carlsbad Half Marathon.  All opinions are my own and I have not been compensated in any other way!

I am doing my posts a little backwards.  Race recap today and expo recap tomorrow.  My Saturday was JAM packed!  As always, I started out by laying out my #FlatSDMom.

Visor as always by Headsweats (SparkleAthletic), belt by SLSTri (you can win one on Wednesday), socks by ProCompression, skirt by Spandits and bra by Moving Comfort.

The awesome Erika joined me and Jenn for the first 3 m miles of our 20 mile day.  We parked at her house and headed to the start line.

There we had to take a Sock of the Month picture with fellow Pro Ambassador Sharp Endurance!

You have to get on these socks early!  They tend to sell out fast!  And another one with just Linzie!

We headed into the warm tent to find other Moms Run This Town ladies.

And saw my favorite and my Giveaway Roundup co-host, Erica.

We headed over to take some photo booth pictures.

And finally, headed toward the start line.

But first, a selfie!

I kept that blue sweatshirt on for the first 1 mile or so but then it got too hot and running in a cotton sweatshirt is NOT fun!

Carlsbad is a BEAUTIFUL race.  Full of coastal views, small rolling hills and a couple bigger hills.  The hills are strange on this course.  You expect there to be equal downhill to the uphills but it doesn't seem that way.  I always feel like there are a lot more up.

This hill?  Kinda sucks but it is SO pretty!

It was at this point I ran into the always awesome Ashleigh.

And saw this awesome Motivational Quote!

And Jenn needed Bio Freeze on her quad (or is he proposing?)...

We just weren't that into running this Half.  It's us, not you!  In fact, we were so ready to be done by the time we headed back into the village.  But then we saw him...

So happy to Gnome you!  Haha!  And finally, blessedly, we were done with the 13.1 + 3 miles.  We only had 3.9 to go

We walked more than ran the remaining miles and I couldn't have asked for a better running buddy than Jenn for this 20 miler.  We were each other's best cheerleader and worst influence.  "It's okay to walk."  "Let's start running at that sign."  It was a struggle and I can't figure out why!  But we got it done!  She rocks!

Carlsbad was my very first Half Marathon and will always hold a special place in my heart!  I will be back...many times but yesterday, just wasn't a good day for it.  But hey, 20 miles in the bank for Marathon Training is nothing to sneeze at!

Have you ever run Carlsbad?  What was your first Half Marathon?  Do you incorporate races into Marathon Training?

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. One of the first half marathons I ever trained for was Carlsbad. I ended up not being able to do the race so I did my first half two months earlier. I did the Silver Strand Half Marathon. I remember the course for Carlsbad was nice and flat. How did you add in the extra mileage? Are you excited for the LA Marathon next month? I am going to be working on the course that day and would love to look for you out there!

  2. I've never run Carlsbad but WOWzers it looks amazing! I may have to add it to my list ;)

  3. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful experience at Carlsbad. I ran it too and was just blow away by how gorgeous the course was!

  4. I definitely love the Motivational Quote sign! That would definitely give me a laugh to see on a race course.