Saturday, January 16, 2016

#SDRW San Diego Restaurant Week: Red Marlin Restaurant Review

Disclaimer: SD Dad and I were given a complimentary meal at the Red Marlin but all opinions are my own and I have not been compensated in any other way!

SD Dad and I love San Diego Restaurant Week.  We take advantage of this awesome time in San Diego every year.  For $30/$40/$50, you can get a 3-course meal at many popular restaurants in town.  A bargain!

I was super lucky to get paired up with the Red Marlin at the Hyatt Mission Bay for a Restaurant Week preview.  This means that SD Dad and I got to head out to beautiful Mission Bay for a date night on a Wednesday.  It was actually on our way home and worked out PERFECTLY!

The view was gorgeous!  We were seated next to a picture window so we could watch the sun set!

The restaurant is really pretty too.  Lots of modern touches in a yacht club feel.

And an indoor fireplace!

We started out with our server David handing us the restaurant week menu along with the regular, cocktails and beer/wine menus.

Husband ordered the Tower 10 IPA. 

I ordered the Pinot Grigio.

They also have a pretty sweet cocktail menu!

Doesn't the pineapple sweet tea look yummy?  

They brought us bread on this cool chalkboard tray.

The main event!  This is how the Restaurant Week deal works.  For $40, you get your choice of appetizer, entree and a dessert.  I chose the ceviche.  It was delicious.  Fresh seafood mixed in with a spicy tasting pico de gallo with perfectly ripe avocado on top.

Husband got the So Cal Caesar which had a creamy salsa style dressing. Black beans, manchego cheese and tortilla strips.

For our entrees, I ordered the scallops.  Holy yum!  It was perfectly flavored with an apple chutney on top and perfectly cooked.  It is hard to stop yourself from overcooking a scallop but they did it!  And the bacon parmesan risotto?  Game over!  Fantastic.  Just a bowl of that would do!

SD Dad ordered the seafood rigatoni.  He loved this dish.  The fish in the dish (I'm a poet and didn't know it!) was swordfish, salmon and local sea bass.  He said it was perfectly spiced and creamy with a chipotle cream sauce.  I couldn't try it because of the dumb wheat allergy but I trust him when he says it was delicious.  

At this point, we were STUFFED!  But as you know, SD Mom always leaves room for dessert.  SD dad had the offered chocolate lava cake and said he would go back for the dessert alone.  It was that good!

One thing about Red Marlin is that they are super accommodating!  When they heard I was allergic to wheat, they immediately brought me out this amazing opera cake.  Gluten free!

They actually have quite a few options on their menu that are gluten free.  It's like they were expecting me!

Red Marlin treated us amazingly well.  David, our server was so gracious.  Our water glasses were kept full.  And they took all the pictures we wanted!

As you can tell, we hated the experience and the food!

If you get a chance to hit up SD Restaurant Week and are close to the Red Marlin, you won't regret your experience.  Restaurant Week runs from January 17 - 24 and they have been known to extend the experience one more week!

Check it out!  I am so glad I got to try it out!  See you soon, Red Marlin!

Do you have a restaurant week where you live?  If you are in SD, do you take advantage of Restaurant Week?

As always, I wish you Happy Feet (and a Happy Belly!), 
SD Mom

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  1. We used to love restaurant week. We haven't gone since I was pregnant!