Tuesday, August 23, 2016

You are fast. I am slow. 5 Reasons you should Run with me Anyway!

I have been wanting to write this post for a long time.  I have been feeling a LOT of guilt because I am so much slower than my BRFs.  So much.  Like they can run a 8 min mile and I run a 11 min mile.  Yeah.  Exactly.  And I am not sure I can go much faster.

So this is a love letter to my BRFs: Jenn, Vanessa, Jenny, Jenn, Jamye, Angela, Leslie, Alexis, Kate, Annie...so many of you who continue to slow down for me and take walk breaks with me.  So why do these women who can run 7 minute miles still agree to run 11 minute miles with me?

1.  I will take you to fun new places!

My absolute favorite place to run in San Diego is the Los Penasquitos Canyon trails and no better time than in the pitch dark with the aid of a headlamp, or in my case, glove lamps!  There is even a cool waterfall there!

So many of my running friends have thanked me for taking then out to these non-technical not so hilly trails!  So stick with me and I will show you the world!

2.  There is usually coffee involved!

So not only do I know some pretty awesome places to run, I also know where you can get some killer coffee.

You can thank me later but if you are EVER in Pine Valley, California, you need coffee at Major's.  Specifically, the Turkish coffee.  So smooth.  Call me your Coffee Tour Guide!

3.  I will let YOU take me anywhere to run!

Jenny gave me and Jenn and guided tour of Mt. Laguna recently and even though I was scared, I agreed to go.

I am a GIANT 'fraidy cat!  I am scared of everything...turns out, even cows!

But I love a good adventure!

4.  I am NOT afraid to laugh at myself!

Most of my pictures turn out closer to outtakes than masterpieces.  In fact, the pictures you see on Instagram are carefully curated and filtered.

I knew that branch wouldn't hold me!

If you love someone, grab a cheek!

5.  I am super fun when I am not running too!

I go to concerts.

I will come meet you at an expo!

Me and my family will come meet you ad your family for lunch!

We can go on a Triple Date Night!

I will toast with you!

So, If you are ever in the San Diego area and want someone to run with, drink coffee with or just show you around, message me!  I would love to hear from you!

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As always,  I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. I would run with you any day, Smitha! :D

  2. I would run 11 min miles with you any day, my friend! Because you are you and you are awesome!

  3. Too cute! And seriously, it's good for faster runners to run at a slower pace now and then. As soon as I started pacing races, and going slower than my usual speed, I actually got faster when I was racing. If I didn't live so far away, we'd run together!

  4. I love running with you no matter the pace or the place! Any run with best running friends is awesome in my book! Love you, b!

  5. Pace is such a personal thing and I would love to run (and have coffee, brunch, lunch, etc.) with out at any pace ;)

  6. Let's not forget that you slow down your own pace to run with friends who slowed down because they got themselves knocked up. You are a great running buddy.

  7. I wish I lived a little (actually, A LOT) closer. All of us need more people like YOU in our lives ;-) And, something to think about.....it takes a lot of effort to sustain a pace that is slower than what feels "natural," so you're probably giving them a great workout. win-win!

  8. Sounds like a fun place to run. If I ever get back to San Diego I'd love to run with you.

  9. The next time I'm in SoCal I am SO running with you!

  10. Being a slower runner myself, this post speaks to me!! I always feel like I'm holding others back but really, it is all about the friendship!! Run Happy!!

  11. I love this- and would have to say YOU are fast, I am slow... run with me anyway! lol

  12. YES, I would run with you too. I'm not fast either, and it looks like you make running SO much fun!

  13. Hi Smitha,
    Nice to see you again. I am a slow runner with a knee injury.
    Thanks for your influence on giveaways and contests. We have them monthly at my linky party now.