Sunday, June 14, 2015

#SanDiegoSunday - Restaurant Review Museum Cafe La Jolla #DiningOutSD

Disclaimer: I was provided with the complimentary opportunity to taste the menu with my family.  All opinions are mine and 100% real.

Most Sundays, I hope to bring you a local post. About something to see, do or eat in San Diego!  A travel guide, so to speak, to my awesome City! 

The Museum Cafe is located within the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, overlooking the Pacific Ocean in beautiful La Jolla, California.  Chef Giuseppe is a competitive cyclist and does a lot of fundraising for the Challenged Athlete's Foundation.  He also serves up a lot of healthy and delicious food at the restaurant (he has several other restaurants as well). when their PR company contacted me to see if I would be interested in making the Museum Cafe a part of a day in La Jolla, I was very interested.  Chef Giuseppe also does a lot of work with Breakaway Training.  An athlete who cooks?  Sign me up!

We were seated outside but the inside is light and airy too.

With a cool look at those making your food.

We checked out the menu.

The kids were quick to decide on chocolate chip pancakes.  ($6 for 2 pancakes; $4 for 2 slices bacon and eggs)  I had a bite.  AMAZING!  Fluffy and a TON of chocolate chips.  No need for syrup or butter!  (look at all that chocolate on the knife!)

S LOVED them!

So did D!  (He is eating eggs in this picture but check his plate!  Clean as a whistle!)

SD Dad biked 30 miles today and needed some solid food STAT!  He settled on the Cove Burger ($12) with onion marmalade, smoked gouda, local tomatoes and green leaf lettuce served with rosemary roasted yukon gold potatoes.  He said it was a GOOD burger!  High praise!

I picked G's Favorite Breakfast ($13).  This was a plate of deliciousness filled with scrambled eggs, salt roasted pistachios, cold pressed olive oil, local heirloom tomatoes, smashed avocado, pea tendrils and whole grain toast.

This picture does not do this dish justice.  It was like a farm on a plate.  The best part was the combination of the avocado smash (did I taste cilantro?) and those pistachios!  I could eat a bowl of that!  Look at this bite!

Please please please!  So good!  And clean.  There was nothing in there bit what I listed above.  I, of course, had to get the Sonoma Chicken Apple Sausage on the side too.  ($4)

The best freaking part about this Brunch / Lunch???  The Vanilla Latte!  So good I had to have TWO!  

I was BUZZING when I left!

Unfortunately, we had no room left for dessert but their flourless chocolate cake and carrot cake looked so good we had to take a piece of chocolate cake to go!

And yes, I have already had a forkful.  And yes, it is everything and more!

After lunch, we walked around a bit and took some pictures.  

Cannot beat the view in La Jolla!

Next we decided to head up to Mt. Soledad and show the kids the spot where SD Dad proposed to me!

Mt. Soledad is gorgeous and it is also a Memorial.  

Here is SD Dad trying to show the kids our house.

I hugely recommend heading up there.  Quite a steep hill but so worth it!

It was such a fantastic day!  I am truly blessed to live in this amazing city and there is never a shortage of things to eat and do!  You should absolutely head to the Museum Cafe (there is a reason it is called G's Favorite Breakfast - might be mine too) and then up to Mt. Soledad for a glimpse of America's Finest City all the way to the Mexican Border!  

Then you can enjoy a good solid nap!

You can check out Museum Cafe's website here.  Next time, I want to try one of their farm fresh salads and Bloody Mary's!  Cheers!

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom

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  1. I miss La Jolla so much! My family all lived there before I was born (my brother was born there) and we used to visit ALLLLLL the time. I miss it!!