Wednesday, June 10, 2015

#ThursdayTriumph: @YelpNorthSD - #ItsNeatToBeElite

I freaking LOVE Thursdays!  Why? Because not only do I get to hear why YOU are RAD, I get to hear from my two good friends, Carlee and Linzie!  Thursdays are a day for me to soak up all the positivity from around the Web!

So, todays #ThursdayTriumph tale is all about Yelp.  You know Yelp.  Everyone uses Yelp whether you admit or not!  Long before I was a blogger, I was a yelper.  You can read all my reviews here.  

Today's post is about how much Yelp has helped me over the years and how TRIUMPANT I feel that I have become an Elite meaning that people rely on my reviews when they choose restaurants and such!

It has helped me find a gym!

I get to hang out with the chefs BEFORE they make my food!

 I meet fun new friends!

I meet my favorite new hot sauce!

I discovered Lorna Jane clothes!

Hiking trails!

Mexican food!

So, if you ever want a toy store, a beach, a shoe repair, a waxer, a dentist, a shoe store, check out my reviews and the reviews of 10000's of others to see why #itsneattobeelite at Yelp!

Now, I want to hear from you!  So please link up your post with us!  Here are the rules:

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Do you use Yelp?  What are you Triumphant about on this Thursday?

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. We have a friend who uses Yelp for EVERYTHING. We even have a nickname for her "Kelly Yelps". Even though we poke fun at her a bit for it, we are forever grateful for the reviews, suggestions, and great spots because of her (and Yelp)!