Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wednesday #GIVEAWAY Roundup - #WinAllThePrizes

YAY!  It is Wednesday and it is JULY 1st!  How in the heck did that happen?!  Life is blasting by at top speed!  If you follow me on any social media, I gave a sneak peek to all the GIVEAWAYS I have happening in July.

Because...July is my birthday month and in my opinion, the best month of the YEAR!  So stay tuned for all the GIVEAWAYS starting on Monday, July 6.  I have a couple extra surprises planned too!  Okay, now on to the GIVEAWAY Roundup part of this post!  As always, Erica and I are banding together to bring you all the great giveaways from around the interwebs!

I have two giveaways on right now.  The first one is for an Enlightened crisps sampler pack and ice cream to THREE winners!  You can enter that one here.

The other one is happening over on Instagram and you can enter that one here.   I am giving away a pair of Yurbuds but there are 7 other prizes too because it is one of those loop giveaways.  Erica is participating too!

So exciting!  So go enter them all and then link up your own GIVEAWAY!  You can read all the rules here.

Good Luck and as always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom