Friday, March 25, 2016

#FridayFascinations: Things I Am Loving This Week!

Friday is here!  Yay!  It is Friday!  I seriously wasn't sure it would ever get here.  It has been a super fun week.  My sister has been in town and our dear friends from Hawaii were here for their Spring Break!  I am also looking forward to a run with my Jenn tomorrow!

As always, I am bringing you the things I am loving this week and hope you will too!

1.  ProCompression Lows

Jenny, Me, Jenn - all Pro Ambassadors, all in Lows

You always see me wear my Spandits skirts and my ProCompression marathon socks.  Well, lately, during Runch, I like to wear my lows with capris.  Perfect combo!  Same compression on the foot but you can mix up your sock tan a little.  Haha!

2.  Trucker Hats from Miles+Pace

Who doesn't want a hat that says, "Run...because I Can."  I love that message.  It is seriously what I am thinking 90% of the time so why not wear it?  And I am giving away a trucker hat right now so go enter here!

3.  Freshly Meals

I have had the opportunity to try Freshly meal delivery this week.  And this one by far is my favorite with roast cauliflower.  I love the cauliflower and roasted is my favorite way to cook/eat it!  Sure beats the HECK out of a frozen meal for sure.  Check it out here.  Review coming soon!

4.  Superfeet Sandals

You have NO idea how excited am that my favorite insole company is making sandals.  I am getting a pair on Saturday and I can't even stand it!  They are going to be amazing!

5.  Spandits Indigo Glam print

This, my friends, is the brand newest Spandits print.  It has a little bit of sparkle and a little bit of sass and I cannot wait to make it mine in a skirt!  Won't that be super cute?  And it would go with EVERYTHING!  Or maybe even a dress???  (If you want to get yourself some Spandits, use code SPANDITSLOVE for 10% off and they are having a 30% off sale right now too!  Make sure to tell them Smitha sent you!)

There you have it.  5 things I am loving this week even though two of the things are things I haven't tried but I know I will love!

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So tell me all about something YOU are loving this week!  Which item above caught your eye??

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. Those sandals looks right up my alley! I'm loving my oofos, but I may have another love...

  2. Yeah I may need to get those sandals too!

  3. That new Spandits print is GORGEOUS!

  4. I have some pro compression lows and they certainly provide the compression! Sometime my toes feel a little smooshed in them!

  5. Roasted cauliflower is one of my favorites and I could eat the whole head at once.!

  6. I'm really liking the new Spandits print. I can't wait to see you rocking them!! Have a great weekend Smitha!!!

  7. That is a cute print! It reminds me of peacock tails.

  8. I will definitely have to try the new Superfeet sandals. I need to order some new orange inserts soon so those will be added into my cart!

  9. I don't even have a good love for the week. I'm just glad it's over!

  10. I have never tried low compression socks. I always wear them after long runs but not in any other circumstance.
    I am going to check out the sandals... they looks amazingly comfortable.

  11. I cannot wait to order a skirt in that new Spandits print! It's going to be a summer wardrobe staple!