Tuesday, March 15, 2016

San Diego Half Marathon Recap!

As you know, the San Diego Half Marathon was this last weekend.  Since I have started running, I have heard ALL about how great this race is and how great the course is and BLAH BLAH BLAH!  I had to try it out for myself and so I registered and decided to make it my 14th Half Marathon!

The always lovely Tara met me at the Expo happening at the Port Pavilion on March 11 & 12.  Super close to my work so it was a short walk over.  And luckily, I headed back to work in time to beat the "rain storm."  

Then, Sunday, (yes, Daylight Savings Time!) Cristina picked me and Tara up and we headed to the start line at about 5:45 a.m.  

We had plenty of time to kill since we had free parking as being a part of the largest team - San Diego Moms Run This Town with 145 members.  

We met up with Jenn and Jamye right away.  I also had Carlee's bib for her so we expected to run into her!

And of course, the MRTT crew!

And my sweet Jenny who had the sweetest present for me!

Now, let me say right away that this race was always meant to be a fun one to try out the course.  Not to set a PR or anything like that.  I don't think I am fully recovered from LA.  But that is another story.  The goal was for me and Tara to have a blast.  And a blast we had!

What kind of race experience would it be if my Jenn didn't photobomb a selfie!?

Fun running into Jenny again on the course!

Tara photobombing me on the infamous Washington hill.

Meeting up with Tracey, the chapter leader of Black Girls Run SD.  (LOVE her - her smile is RAD!)

Running with Jamye after SOO long!

My awesome friend John  caught us right as we were about the finish.  I look super happy to be done!  Haha!

The first 8 miles of the course were FLAT!  Then, the hills started and didn't really let up until Mile 10.5 or so.  But after that, awesome!  Parts of it sucked.  The Washington hill felt endless.  But the last 2 miles were heaven.  Downhill heaven!  We went thru great parts of San Diego including the Harbor, Liberty Station, Mission Hills, Hillcrest, Balboa Park, Banker's Hill and finally ended in the Gaslamp.

After the race, as part of our largest team perks, we were treated to Brunch at Toscana Wine Bar.

Let's just say that I STUFFED my face!  And it was another chance to hang out with these mamas.

And because I get so HUNGRY after a race and Cristina told me I have to, I also got a Mango-Avocado Fresh Smoothie with Boba on the car ride home.  Yes, it was incredible.  

Oh, and the bling?  You want to see it?

Those five jewels at the bottom symbolize the 5 years this race has been run!  Will I be back?  I would like to but it may be tough.  The LA Marathon is moving back to March in 2017 and so we will have a conflict in time schedules.  But I do love it and a great representation of the city I love!

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Tell me about a recent race you have done.  Have you ever done the SD Half?  If so, what do you love/dislike about it?

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. Hills aside, this looks like a freaking blast! San Diego is so beautiful. I'd love to race there.

  2. I visited SD for a conference and loved. This sounds like a great - on my bucket list. Problem I live in NY!!

    1. Oh please come visit! At least run with me!

  3. So happy to hear you had such a fun race! Love all of the selfies! I may run the La Jolla Half for "fun" and just take a bunch of pictures up the Torrey Pines hill haha.

    1. I think that is what hills are for...all the selfies! No one expects me to actually run them, do they??

  4. Congratulations on your race! I was in San Diego a few yrs ago the wk before the marathon and I thought that'd be a tough course running. I didn't like walking the hills while I was there, let alone running there during the race. Cool medal!

  5. It may be my favorite San Diego race. So fun to run into you. I'll photobomb your selfie any day :)

  6. Looks like fun! Congrats on number 14!

  7. This looks like so much fun! Maybe next year! Great race report, too! I love your positivity and always smiling! You make running look easy!

  8. I think you might be the most fun person to run with!!!

  9. It's so nice to see you enjoying these races!

  10. Oh my goodness your outfit for this race was just too cute! I love that you go out and do these races for fun! Congrats on #14!