Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Wednesday #GIVEAWAY Roundup - #WinAllThePrizes

It is Wednesday and GUESS WHAT??  I am racing this weekend.  Well, not racing but running the San Diego Half Marathon with all my favorites including Jenn, Jamye, Carlee, Michael, Tara and lots more.  And our MRTT crew won the BIGGEST team HANDS DOWN!

On to my giveaway of the week!  I am giving away 1 week's worth of organic (paleo, vegetarian and / or gluten free too!) meals for 2.  So three meals for 2 people.  And they are delicious!

Enter to win here.  (ends 3/13)  And if you don't want to wait to find out if you won, use this link to get $30 off your first order!

Okay, now on to the Giveaway Roundup with me and Erica where all the best giveaways on these inter webs reside.  So make sure you link up your giveaway and enter to #WinAllThePrizes!  Remember, the rules can be found here.

If you link up, please make sure to add the end date!  So tell me about your next race?  Have you ever tried a meal service?

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom 

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