Thursday, May 8, 2014

Friday Fascinations 5/9

As always, on a beautiful San Diego Friday, I bring you my 5 Fascinations or what I am LOVING this week:

1.  My Giveaway!  Still haven't entered?  Come on!  I know you know a MOM who totally deserves this amazing prize package!  Enter here.  Nominate someone today!

2.  These super soft super inspiring shirts from Words from the Wise!  You can find all of Tim's designs here.  You have already seen me sport this one...

But my new favorite is this one...

I had to have it!  If you want your own, use code SDMOM for 20% off!  Softest shirts you can imagine!  And the front of the shirt says, "Be the Inspiration!"  I love that!  (Spoiler alert: GIVEAWAY coming next week!)

3.  My next favorite item on the Wish List in my head are the over the knee capris from Spandits.  They have super colorful prints and they even make skirts.  Uh oh!  Bright colorful prints in comfy running gear?  Recipe for gear addiction disaster!

These pants would go great with my Words from the Wise shirt, no?  Check out my friend Jen's post about Spandits here.

4.  My "It's all good I ran today" shirt!  I wear it almost every weekend and it is part of my post-long run ritual!  I love it and I love this picture because you get a glimpse of SBS in the background at the Another Mother Runner party in Carlsbad in January!  You can get your own shirt here.  The shirts are so soft!  (Sizing info: I would order UP a size!)

Speaking of wish list in my head, there are a ton of other shirts in the AMR store I must have including this one.

You can order this one here.  

5.  And finally, this Run Like a Mother Virtual race tee by Jockey.  Weird right?  Softest shirt you can imagine.  I can't wait to run in it on Sunday.  The shirt, tote bag, medal, sticker are all shown here.

Registration has already ended for this year's virtual race but you can always get in next year!  I'll give you the heads up!  More races should use Jockey brand for their race shirts but looks like the whole race is sponsored by Jockey.  

Have you ever done a virtual race?  Which Words from the Wise shirt looks good to you?  Have you entered the GIVEAWAY yet??

As always I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom

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  1. Wishing you the best of luck in becoming a Spandits Ambassador!!!! Once you get one won't be able to stop!!!!