Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wednesday GIVEAWAY Roundup!

Every Wednesday, I will feature some GIVEAWAYS in the running world so you can come to one place to find them and enter.  But be warned, I am entering all these as well!  HEHE!

But first, check out the view on my lunch run!  I LOVE SD!

1.  Let's start with my favorite - MINE!  Win this amazing Fellow Flowers gift pack by asking someone to nominate you!

Here is the link:

2.  Another Mother Runner is giving away a homeopathic basket of goodies from Hylands.  I swear by the Calms Forte product.

Here is the link:

3.  Even Disney is giving away a chance to win a Royal Family 5K admission.  I've never done a Disney race but one day I will.  Have any of you done one?  Is it worth it?

Here is the link: Best Moment Ever Sweepstakes

4.  Annmarie, a fellow I'm Fit Possible Ambassador, is giving away a YOGA + CREATIVITY book on her page!

Here is the link:

5.  Organic Runner Mom, AKA Sandra, is running a GIVEAWAY on her page for Bani Bands and Human X Gear products.  She is a fellow #sweatpink Ambassador so go check her out!

Here is the link:

So here are this Wednesday's 5 featured GIVEAWAYS!  If you would like to be featured or want your GIVEAWY featured in an upcominmg post, email me at RunningwithSDMom at gmail dot com.

Have you ever run a Disney race?  What do you think?  Worth the price tag?

As always,
I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. I did the Tinkerbell 5K in January and will be doing the Disneyland 10K in August. I really loved running through the parks and behind the scenes. I don't know that it was worth the price tag but I keep signing up :) The Kids Races are really fun too. Much cheaper and A LOT of fun for the littles!

  2. I ran the WDW Half in 2011 and the Goofy Challenge in 2013. The races are mega $$ and then factor in the travel, hotel, the week you simply 'have' to spend in the parks....however, if you are a runner who wants to see the parks in a new way, doesn't want to PB, doesn't mind dodging tons of people, likes Disney, and has money to spare, they're something for the bucket list. Would I do it again? Likely not, unless I already in FLA or CA.