Sunday, May 18, 2014

Navy Bridge Run Recap & Shopping Sunday!

Saturday, we went to Legoland to celebrate my son's birthday a week early.  I will do another post about how to save money is good stuff!  We seriously had a blast and if you have a kid between the ages of 4 and 9, there is not better place in SD!

After the park, we ate at Blaze Pizza.  As a side note, if you haven't eaten here, it is a must and you mUST get the spicy red sauce.  The pizza is divine and the three kids POLISHED off their grub!  And I had an excuse to carb load!

An all meat, basil, spinach, kalamata olive and roasted garlic pizza!

I was so excited to actually run the Coronado Bridge!  I laid out my outfit the night before with my new #betheinspiration Words from the Wise shirt, new purple star Crazy Compression socks and my trusted favorites - Running Skirt, Headsweats visor and Hokas!

Set my alarm for 4:40 and was picking my friend Miné up by 6!  Headed into downtown SD towards the start line and found easy parking.  We got there so early (Justin!!!!) so that we could get a few miles in BEFORE the Bridge Run.  It was a 4 mile race and I needed at least 3-4 more.  

Easy parking in the heart of the Gaslamp!

We did 3 miles around the beautiful Harbor front, Seaport Village, Midway Museum and the new Headquarters and then headed back to the start line along with 10,000 other people.  

I decided to use my mini Running Buddy for this race and no water belt!

Yes, there were 10,000 people doing this race!

Although in this picture, it looks like I am the only one running!

I didn't run the actually race with my speedy friend Mine but I wished her good fun and off we went. 

We wound thru Barrio Logan and then onto the Coronado Bridge.  Here are some pictures form the first 3 miles of the run (some photo credits to Tricia Bowman)!

Thru Barrio Logan & Chicano Park

How can you not be inspired by HIM?

The Mariachis!

The Navy Band!

Me trying to weave my way thru!

If there was one complaint I had about this race, it was the amount of people but that can't be helped.  There were some serious bottlenecks in spots!  

Mile 1 is completely flat.  Mile 2 is a gradual uphill.  Mile 3 is a gradual downhill and Mile 4 was flat.  Loved the elevation challenge and I would love to say I got some good pictures on the top of the Bridge but alas, none of them turned out well because I didn't want to stop too long!

And then we finished (and when I say we, I mean me because Mine was done WAAAY before me) and headed over to the SDG&E VIP Hospitality tent to meet my friend Chris.  But first, I had to stop and get samples and freebies for the kiddos (okay me!).  Check out this haul!

And I had to have my Vega Recovery Accelerator (I believe I believe...)!

Finally made our way to the VIP area and found Chris.

We even had our own photo background inside the VIP area!

She doesn't even look tired?!

And I could very easily get used to VIP treatment after races!  Check out the grub!

They had muffins and bagels too but the carb levels in those items are NSFW (not safe for work)!  Ha ha!

At that point, we had some choices.  We could either wait in the LOOOONG line for the bus back to the start, the LOOONG line for the ferry back to the start or the longish line for the ferry to the Broadway Pier with a longish walk to the start?  We chose the third option!

The bus line

The ferry line

The one we took!

But it was lucky we went on the long walk ferry because I ran in to the wonderful Amie who spotted my Words from the Wise shirt!

And of course, the #ferryselfie

My beautiful city!

I am thinking, "Holy Moly Cow!  I ran THAT Bridge?!"

There are TONS of great things about this race.  My favorite is that no matter where you are in downtown San Diego, you can see that Bridge and today and maybe for the rest of the week, I am going to be thinking, "Holy Moly Cow!  I ran THAT Bridge!"

Okay, now on to my Trader Joe's shopping visit!  I am happy to report Organic grapes are back!  This is exciting in my house.  The demo was delish as well.  Veggie fried rice, chicken chow mien and egg rolls.  4 stars over all.  And as always, the strawberry lemonade was the star.

I finally tried these.  The first one tasted stale bout then the second and fifteenth third had a delicious sweetness.  I recommend.  

I also forgot to tell you about another of our favorite products.  Try it and tell me what you think?

And finally, should I try item of the week?

Looks like really delicious Cracker Jacks!  I'll let you know!

So in short, I will be doing the Navy Bridge Run every single year from here on out and Trader Joe's is still my Happiest Place on Earth!

Have you run over a Bridge?  Have you tried any of the Trader Joe's products?

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom

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  1. I've been eyeing those coconut cashews every time I go in, maybe next time I'll get some. Also, how did you get to be a VIP after the race? Jealous!