Friday, May 30, 2014

Rock n Roll San Diego Expo!

This place is so overwhelming!  I am not used to GINORMOUS races.  Everything is on a bigger scale than I am used to, especially the Expo.  Luckily, my friend Justin agreed to drive me (okay, he let me force him).  Even parking at the SD Convention Center was $15!  Seriously!  Okay, so here are the hughlights in pictures:

Bib Pickup!

Cheesy pose (my bib says Mike Drew Serena by the way!)

The Suja booth.  By far, the prettiest!

Delicious SUJA samples!  I like the Carrot, Apple & Pineapple juice best!  They didn't have my absolute favorite, Vanilla Cloud!

The Gecko from Geico (say that 6 times fast)

Ink n' Burn!  Check out my friend Kat for a discount code here.

The Vendors

The DJ rocking the tunes.  I hope the music at the race is as good!

The Chik Fil A cow!

If you run 10 Rock n Roll races in one year, here is your medal!  It is the size of my head!

Here are all the multiple race medals!
The MAN Meb!
All the Women's Half Marathon medals for this year.  They haven't unveiled the San Diego date or medal yet.  Stay tuned to this blog!  My favorite race to date!

Lifeway Kefir had popsicles!

Yum!  Coconut!

Colmbia was handing out blue popsicles to promote their Omni Free Zero gear.  Keeps your skin cool as you sweat!  He gave me warm popsicles so I can take them home to the kids!

I love Nuun and stocked up on Watermelon and Kona Cola.  They had a no tax deal $5 a tube.  It's like I am a part of the family!
I was starstruck posing with her!  And you all know how much I love my Running Skirts!
One more picture!
Here is the tech tee!  I love the color and the sizing is super good!  And I like that San Diego is the Epic Summer Run!
And finally, my bib.  They said we could put whatever we wanted on our bibs to personalize them and I chose to put the names of those I love and hold closest to my heart every single day!

See you at the Finish Line!

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. Looks like an awesome expo!!

  2. Who is the person you are star struck with at the running skirts booth?

    1. Ha ha! Way to call me out Julie! I didn't know if it was Cibdy or Christy, one of the Running Skirt twins so I just called her "her!"

  3. SD Rock and Roll does have a pretty good expo! I haven't done that race in a few years, but I've heard they improved the course. Maybe it's time to do it again. Can't wait to read your race recap!

  4. Looks like a great expo! I'm looking forward to the Run Disney expo later this year, I have a feeling it will be awesome! And I really want a pair of those new New Balance Run Disney shoes ;-) Hopefully you enjoy this race- I've heard great things about this series!