Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Fascinations - THE Panache Bra Review edition

Disclaimer: I was sent a Panache Sports Bra to review and provide my honest opinion. No other compensation was provided.  Also, men / boys, maybe you should sit this post out.  I insist.  Really.

Today's Friday Fascinations is special.  There is only one thing I am fascinated with this week.  And that is the Panache sports bra.  I jumped at the recent opportunity to review this bra.

Is that pretty or what???  I love the bright blue and orange color combo.  Before I got the bra though, I had to give them my size.  Now in a regular US bra, I would be a 34D or a 34DD.  However, this is European sizing and you really should get fitted for the bra before you buy it.  You can try a Nordstrom or Her Room.  I went to a store in San Diego called Intimacy and I highly recommend them and their staff (Sasha) if you are in the area.  They have stores located all over the country and they are GENUINE bra experts.  They have to go thru vigorous bra training!

So, I go to Intimacy and the lovely Sasha gets right in there to measure me and tells me that while I may be a 34DD in a regular bra, I am a 32F in a Panache.  Say what?!  I make her measure again and same conclusion.  So Panache sends me a 32F and I am SURE it won't fit.

But guess what?  It fits.  Perfectly!  (Side note: I am HORRIFIED I just posted the above picture!)  It is adjustable in the back and has molded underwire cups.  There are no scratchy or chafy (is that a word?) parts.  

Now the real test...I decided to pack this bra to MN on vacation because I was planing to log at least 30 miles and this would be perfect time to try with the heat and humidity.  

Another side note: Cute Lorna Jane tank right?!  I like that the bra is NOT a racerback.  But, there is a clip in the back that will make it a racer back if you would prefer!  Haven't tried it yet but you can be sure I will!  

Then I took it on the road in MN.

It held its shape and made me look like I had a shape rather than smoosh me in like all the other bras made for my size.  It also has hook and eye closures in the back and you don't have to slip it on over your head.  And you know what I am talking about is a wrestling match whenever I have to do that!

I had to take a little break to dry off from the humidity.

While the rest of me was sweaty, my bra was not.  It didn't chafe or dig thru the whole 10.6 miles!  And again, I have to sing the praises of my pants because they didn't chafe or get humid either.  They are perfect for humidity and tired sweaty miles.  Check them out at  They have so many cute prints and styles, you will for sure find something you like!

I wore that bra a few more times on vacation for almost 20 miles total.  It never stopped being comfortable.  I used to be completely loyal to a different brand but let me tell you, the Panache bra BLEW me away!  It is ladylike but holds you in.  Gives you shape without feeling unsupportive.  The ideal bra!

They say the best bra is the one you stop noticing.  This is that one!  I hope you try it!

What is your favorite sports bra?  Have you ever tried the Panache bra?

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom


  1. I've never tried Panache bras but they look cute and like they have some good support. With it not being a racerback it would end up being one of my winter bras. My favorite bra currently is the Incredible bra by Victoria's Secret. Awesome support and looks great on (no uniboob!)

    1. There is a hook in the back so you can covert it more to a racerback style bra

    2. Thank you Melissa! I updated it. I will try the hook this weekend!

  2. That looks great, and it's always awesome to find one that feels great. I've just discovered the Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer. I love that there seems to be so much effort to engineer bras for all shapes and sizes these days.

    1. I should try the lulu one. I just love the shape this bra gives me.

  3. A good sports bra can be so difficult to find! I have one nice one I use for long runs, but use target ones most of the time because I'm cheap :::hangs head::: I'll have to check this one out.

    1. LOL! I have Costco ones for that purpose. Let me know if you try this one but I HIGHLY recommend getting fitted for it first.