Saturday, August 2, 2014

Lunch at the American Girl Store - Mall of America

I recently went on vacation to Minnesota and it was GREAT!  

Today's post is all about the time I took my baby girl S and cousin N to the American Girl store in the Mall of America for lunch.

I called about 2 months in advance to make reservations for lunch at 11:30 a.m. for my daughter, our cousin and me.  Easy enough process although they ask a TON of questions!

We were greeted by the "hostess."

And she told us to select a high chair for our dolls (no, I didn't have one although I saw plenty of women with dolls and highchairs and NO KIDS!).  They do have dolls available if you didn't have one or if you forgot yours.

Then we were seated.

See the napkin holders?  Souvenir pony tail holders!  Our cousin N and I ordered off the regular menu.  For $15, you got a choice of appetizer and a main.  S got to order from the kid's menu for $7.50 and it came with a juice, main and dessert.

I ordered a watermelon lemonade which was WAY too sweet!  But pink and pretty!

S's doll, Ruthie and N's doll, April each got their own little cups.

N ordered pretzel bites.  There were 3 on the plate but she had eaten one by the time I decided to take a picture.

I had the rosemary and parmesan french fries.  Come on!  I was on vacation!

S ordered the mini hot dog for her main.

I ordered the grilled chicken citrus salad.  It had good things in there like artichoke hearts, feta cheese, avocado and grilled chicken in a light dressing.  The portions are generous!  I couldn't even finish it!

N ordered the Bistro burger with 2 patties.  Like I said, HUGE portions!

Then for dessert, S got the included sundae and ate EVERY.  SINGLE.  BITE!

N and I shared the mini cones for $6.50!  Seriously expensive!  But so cute!

Then we walked around the store a bit.

N wanted to see Isabelle, the Girl of the Year!

S wanted to see Kit, Ruthie's best friend.  Sadly, Ruthie has been retired.  

I highly recommend this experience for any American Girl loving girl in your life.  The attention to detail is adorable and the grin on S's face the entire time was priceless.

And I know some of you will say, UGH!  This post has nothing to do with running.  But it does have to do with S so you get to read about it.  It was an experience I will never forget because of the sheer joy on her face!

Have you ever been to an American Girl store?  For lunch or tea?  Would you take your child there?  What themed restaurant or experience have you taken your child to?

As always, I wish you Happy Feet,
SD Mom